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medical illustration of Tumor Vascular Angiogenesis.  As new vessels are grown physiologically from old vessels, tumors feed themselves with the body's nutrients and continuing it’s malignant growth.   medical illustration of Avulsion fracture
Bone spurs
Broken ankle/broken foot
Broken toe
Complex regional pain syndrome
High heels or poorly fitting shoes
Paget's disease of bone
Peripheral neuropathy
Plantar fasciitis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Stress fractures
Tarsal tunnel syndrome

tarsal bones
The metatarsal bones
The phalanges medical illustration of #Editorial   Editorial, CoverArt, Illustration, Genetics, RNAsequencing,  3D,  DigitalArt

Challenged by the conceptual nature of the project. The topic covered the unification methods for multiple RNA sequencing methods. This was an abstract idea. 5 strands of twisted nucleotide RNA strands in primary structure are illustrated  as molecular nucleic acid bases. The 5 strands lead the eye to the paper's fundamental venn diagram of the 5 overlaps methodology results. medical illustration of Eureka  leukocytes   A white blood cell makes a discovery of a molecular pathway. The immune system now has the tools to fight infection in another line of defense. medical illustration of Keywords: #Editorial #CoverArt  #Illustration   

This project was a conceptual challenge for depicting Precision Medicine. Precision Medicine is a growing approach to treating patients based on their genetic makeup which effects their individual proteomics and pharmacological response. The big data makeup of this scene is the genetic code of an individual (GACT), the field is populated by these nucleotides and the headline
medical animation of Endonasal Approach to Tumor Resection 

Animation Created for Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center. 

Lesions of the skull base are increasingly being resected via the endoscopic, endonasal, transphenoidal approach. 

medical illustration of Medical Device medical animation of Description: Tumor Vascular Angiogenesis. As new vessels are grown physiologically from old vessels, tumors feed themselves with the bodies nutrients and continuing it’s malignant growth. 

Keywords: Three-dimensional / Models, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Stock, Web, Biology, Disease Management
medical illustration of Entry of Viral genome through the nuclear pore complex (NPC) medical illustration of Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that engulfs and digests cellular debris, foreign substances, in a process called phagocytosis.They are found in essentially all tissues, where they patrol for potential pathogens by amoeboid movement. They play a critical role in non-specific defense (innate immunity), and also help initiate specific defense mechanisms (adaptive immunity) by recruiting other immune cells such as lymphocytes.   –Wikipedia
medical animation of Mosquitoes are pests not only for their itchy bites, but also for their ability to carry pathogens that can be transmitted through their proboscis.
View the Aedes Aegypti mosqiuto here: medical illustration of Microtube Testing Sample vial of sample from medical illustration of RNA tertiary structure. 
RNA folds upon itself, Coaxial stacking,  helical stacking medical illustration of Collage, Color, Design, Line, Line with Color, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Stock, Allergy / Immunology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology medical illustration of iPad View Lower Extremity
medical illustration of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)  Stored the genetic makeup of organisms. A C T G nucleotides make up the model desscribed by Watson-Crick in the 1950s medical illustration of HIV from the Cell Challenge medical illustration of Line Art     Female  Liver Urinary system ureters bladder Urethra   

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