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Venipuncture: Blood collection procedure guide

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Alar Illustration

medical illustration of An overview of dental erosion, abrasion, and attrition / dental, teeth, skull, tooth wear, tooth decay, erosion, abrasion, attrition, gum recession, worn enamel, oral hygiene, oral health, dentistry
medical illustration of A comparison of classic intercristal line with a novel technique to locate the L4-5 interspace in pregnant patients / epidural, pregnancy, obstetrics, L&D, labor and delivery, research, sacrum, iliac crest, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, S1
medical illustration of A consumer education illustration accompanying text providing an overview of the endocannabinoid system / CB1 receptor, CB2 receptor, CBD, endocannabinoid, anatomy, health, pain relief, alternative medicine
medical illustration of Illustration for a manuscript depicting a simplified, dissected view of the tonic, low threshold (RM1) and phasic, high threshold (RM2) muscle receptor organs in a crayfish, including sensory innervation and surrounding musculature / RM1 receptor, RM2 receptor, MROs, crayfish, neurobiology lab, nerves
medical illustration of A diagrammatic representation of a tree root with AM mycorrhizae, EM mycorrhizae, and rhizobia / scientific illustration, research, grant, academic, roots, fungi, soil, tree, root hairs
medical illustration of A step-by-step venipuncture guide for phlebotomists and other health professionals / phlebotomy, drawing blood, venipuncture, needle, EDTA tube, sharps container, blood sample, tourniquet, veins
medical illustration of A medical legal illustration depicting numerous fractures to the left pelvis and femur. / fracture, injury, pelvis, pelvic fracture, hip, lumbar spine, comminuted fracture, sacrum, ilium, medical legal, jury, exhibit, general public audience, trial exhibits
medical illustration of Medical legal illustration depicting the relative sizes of developing fetuses during weeks 14 through 22–one image out of a series created for an attorney. / pregnancy, obstetrics, fetal development, fetus, second trimester, female reproductive anatomy, medical legal, trial exhibits
medical illustration of Medical legal illustration of an L4-L5 laminectomy procedure / laminectomy, medical legal, lumbar spine, L4, L5, ligamentum flavum, vertebrae, back pain, surgical, medical legal, trial exhibits
medical illustration of Anatomical illustration depicting a lateral view of the human vertebral column / spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacral spine, coccyx, curvature, C1, Atlas, C2, Atlas, human anatomy, spinal column, vertebrae, discs, skeleton, textbook, color-coded, spinal cord, general education
medical illustration of Patient education illustration depicting trigeminal neuralgia / trigeminal nerve, cranial nerves, V1, Opthalmic division, V2, Maxillary division, V3, Mandibular division, pain, face, innervation, CN V, nerve root, patient education, simple style
medical illustration of Anatomical illustration of the lumbar spine rendered in line / lumbar spine, anatomical illustration, human anatomy, lumbar disc, sacrum, coccyx, vertebra, spinous process, transverse process, vertebral body, superior articular process, lamina, pedicle, facet joint, spinal cord, vertebral column, vertebral foramen, inferior vertebral notch, line illustration
medical illustration of A patient education illustration showing the reduction and fixation of a displaced fracture of the first right metacarpal. / Bennett's fracture, injury, thumb, traction manipulation, K-wire, displaced fracture, displacement, hand, surgery, surgical, medical legal, patient eduction, consumer education, general public audience
medical illustration of Anatomical illustration depicting the veins in the head and neck / anatomical illustration, human anatomy, vein, blood flow, vertebrae, cervical spine, vessels, line illustration, textbook, medical education, anatomy education, traditional style
medical illustration of Patient education illustration depicting infectious mononucleosis (
medical illustration of Ornithological illustration of a Baltimore oriole (Icterus galbula) / bird illustration, ornithology, baltimore oriole, oriole, animal illustration, nature center, bird watching
medical illustration of Scientific illustration depicting two species of endangered bats, the Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) and the Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens) / bats, bat conservation, endangered species, Indiana bat, Myotis sodalis, Gray bat, Myotis grisescens, nocturnal animals, line, pen and ink, traditional style, nature center, zoological illustration, biology, animal, mammal, flight, echolocation, White Nose Syndrome, WNS, threatened wildlife, cave, caving, bat research, North American wildlife
medical illustration of Ink drawing of a skylark / skylark, bird, ornithology, ornithological illustration, pen and ink
medical illustration of Ornithological illustration depicting a Herring gull chick / gull, seagull, shorebird, bird illustration, ornithology, gull research, island, Maine, ocean wildlife, bird watching, beach, shore, nature, feathers, egg, nest, baby bird, colored pencil, mylar, scientific illustration, biology


Alar Illustration is a medical and scientific illustration studio offering illustration, research, and pre-production services for science, healthcare, and education. The Greater New York City studio is owned by board certified medical illustrator Virginia E. Fulford, MS, CMI.


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Alternative Medicine, Anatomy, Biology, Dentistry, General Medicine, General Surgery, Maternal / Child, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Ornithology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Virology, Zoology, Injuries, Legal Exhibits, Oncology, Health & Wellness