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360° Preview: Released Embargo Visualization of Cancer Cell research and proprietary programming language script for conference showcase banner. UT Southwestern Medical Center Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics

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Zusammen Science Art and 3DFilms ◤

medical animation of Medical Animation Showreel with an absolutely mind-blowing audio facelift to the 2015 medical animation showreel. Original synths and molecular audio composed by Cyrus Shahmir.
medical illustration of Budding exosomes or microvesicles; collectively known as extracellular vesicles (EVs).
medical illustration of ZUSAMMEN® display of The Augmented Vector Coordinate System and composite of the 12 electrical leads of a standard electrocardiogram.
medical illustration of Science Art and 3DFilms
medical illustration of Promotional Image, including depiction of a phospholipid bilayer.
medical illustration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria, depicted here as embedded within an extracellular matrix composed of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS); otherwise known as Biofilm.
medical illustration of Artistic/beautified view of a Diabetic Ulcer 'Amphitheater' in cross-sectional view.
medical illustration of Closeup of sustained-release antimicrobial iodine micro-beads embedded within dehydrating biofilm protection within a microscopic wound environment.
medical illustration of Microscopic closeup of stylized surface anatomy of a phospholipid bilayer lining the Duodenum (small intestine). Surface enzymatic proteins and molecular structures are re-designed and surfaced from molecules of the Protein Data Bank (PDB) using character-design principles for clarity and colorscript.
medical illustration of Stylized 3D depiction of the pancreas in selective cross-section, highlighting the micro-structure of the pancreatic duct and islets of Langerhans.
medical illustration of Enterocytes lining the Duodenum (small intestine). Highlighted for clarity, the tight junctions are displayed in 3D to clarify the separation between the apical (luminal) membrane (including microvilli) and the basolateral membrane adjacent to capillaries within the interstitial space.
medical illustration of Spermatozoon écorché, flayed for illustrative purposes, and without the plasmalemma during helical pattern motility. Select organelles are clearly visible, including the golgi-derived acrosome cap, helical mitochondrial sheath, proximal centriole, segmented columns of the axoneme (aka axial filament), and annulus ring.


❪𝒁❫-Science Art and 3DFilms is a small creative agency specialized in generating informed awe. Founded by Neil Patrick McMillan in Dallas, TX, we create custom brand-experiences for medical and science education, including guerrilla communication designs, and enduring visualizations of novel or advanced technical presentation. Services are available for corporate enterprise and academia. WEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION Contact Now at: (843)855-2113. The ◤⬤⬤


Animation, Color, 3D, VR/Virtual Reality


Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Biotechnology, Cardiac Surgery / Cardiology, Cell biology / Histology, Dermatology, Disease Management, Embryology, Endocrinology / Metabolic, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Genetics, Maternal / Child, Medical Devices, Molecular Biology, Natural Science / Nature, Neuroscience, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Pharmacology, Reproductive Biology, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Oncology, Mechanism of Action (MOA), Pathology, Sports Medicine