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medical illustration of Interactive App that illustrates and explains the human body. The app was developed for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.
Augmented Reality, Interactive Applications, IOS, Android, Smarphone, Software, Interactivity
medical illustration of Illustration of a proposed pathway that
 describes how innate platelets can kill malaria
parasites through platelet factor 4 binding to duffy antigen receptors on red blood cells.
Malaria, MOA, Mechanism of action, Medical illustrarion, 3D Illustration, 2D Illustration
medical illustration of Neuron or nerve cell is an electrically excitabel cell that processes, receives, and transmits information through our body, such as pain, temperature, etc. The cell consists primarily of the cell body (soma), axons, dentrites and synapses. Our brains has around 100,000 different neurons which exhibit many complay behaviors.
Nezron, Cell, Photo-realistic, 3D Illustration, Nerver Cell, Synapse
medical illustration of Realistic product visualization of an
 ultrasound device for medical purposes.
 This image is part of an animation that helps to explain its functionality.
Medical devices, Photo Realistic
medical illustration of Visualization of drug resistant non-typhoidal salmonella with peritrichous flagella. These important food born pathogens are known to cause gastroenteritis, bacteremia, and subsequent focal infection. 
Virus, Bacteria, Pathogens, Photo-realistic


Animation, 3D