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Rendering for publication for Smithsonian illustrated archives for the order Coleoptera. Work completed for Smithsonian NMNH internship project headed by entomologiest Alexander Konstantinov and scientific illustrator Taina Litwak

Michelle Clarke

medical illustration of Portrait of  an Italian-Striped Bug also known as the Minstrel Bug which is a shield bug species.
medical illustration of Fusion (reproduction) process of a bioluminescent species of dinoflagellate known as Noctiluca scintillans
medical illustration of Portrait of an elder borer beetle
medical illustration of My contribution to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as an intern working with entomologist Alex Konstantinov to help update the museum's illustrated archives of the order Coleoptera.
medical illustration of Portrait of an Orchid Praying Mantis
medical illustration of Basic holotype for a newly discovered species of diving water beetle discovered in Peru in 2016
medical illustration of Superior (top) and lateral (bottom) views of a coyote skull.
medical illustration of Illustration detailing the arrangement of chromatophore cell layers responsible for color-change and camouflaging a cuttlefish.
medical illustration of Detailed descriptive portrait of a turkey tom (lateral view)
medical illustration of Painting showing the detailed integument a Rock crab's claws.
medical illustration of Portrait of a pacific chub mackerel head (common sushi fish)
medical illustration of Lateral view of a common cuttlefish
medical illustration of Image of a brittle sea star as it might appear in its natural habitat
medical illustration of Lateral view of a Pacific Seahorse
medical illustration of 2 Page Spread for produce guide for VCU students that aims to teach and provoke interest in trying new and unusual fruits.
medical illustration of Illustration showing the color changes of Ginkgo tree leaves in autumn.
medical illustration of Microscopic pollen grains belonging to  of common angiosperms (flowering plants)
medical illustration of Sexual reproductive cycle of the flowering plan Lunaria annua, also known as the Honesty or Money Plant.
medical illustration of Digital rendering of interior of milkweed seed pod and contents


Michelle Clarke is a Communication Arts student attending VCU in Richmond, Virginia. Her wonderfully executed renderings and whimsical collage work underscores her interest in science and the world around us. With a touch of playfulness in her work, she reminds viewers that the scientific realm is more than theories and calculations but a world filled with visual wonderment that sometimes you must take the time look at. Though much of her work is digital, her first and greatest love is what’s done by hand with traditional media like acrylic paint, gouache, and ink. Using both skill sets, she worked as a Smithsonian Natural History Museum intern in 2017, and featured collages in Linus Gallery’s online exhibition Nature Speaks in 2013.


Black & White, Color, Design, Line, Line with Color, Microscopy


Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Cell biology / Histology, Entomology, Molecular Biology, Natural Science / Nature, Portraits, Reproductive Biology, Zoology, Mechanism of Action (MOA)