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BSM created original characters, story, and comic book to help caregivers explain allergic asthma to a child who would be using a new medication for treatment. This comic book is unbranded patient education content.

Genentech and Novartis

Booster Shot Media

medical illustration of From Allergic Asthma Comic Book created by Booster Shot Media for unbranded education distributed by Genentech and Novartis. In this scene, Frankie The Flying Girl shows The Aeronauts her circus trailer so they can investigate for allergic asthma triggers, like dust mites, cockroaches, and pet dander.
medical illustration of This image is from an e-learning project called
medical illustration of This storybook helps parents and caregivers talk about healthy habits with young children. The book was created for a university research team studying obesity prevention in with a home visitation program.
medical illustration of BSM collaborated with pediatric emergency physician Dr. Amy Drendel at Children’s Hospital Wisconsin to develop at patient toolkit for pain assessment and management.  The kit includes a comic book and a pain scale card, as well as additional graphics and language that clinics can adapt for their needs.
medical illustration of This comic book explains research and biobanks to children, as part of a research initiative for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The comic is being compared to traditional pediatric assent documentation in a bioethics research study. Information is conveyed in a narrative format with a story about a girl's basketball team that uses research to improve their chances of winning.
medical illustration of Iggy and The Inhalers is a multimedia asthma education project created by board-certified pediatric allergist Alex Thomas MD and published by Booster Shot Media. Iggy materials “significantly improved asthma knowledge” in a study published in the Journal of School Nursing. The full set of materials includes a comic books, animations, trading cards, inhaler labels, stickers, and posters. Our asthma education materials are currently used by hundreds of clinics and hospitals nationwide.
medical illustration of BSM created story and illustrations to support a course on about exome sequencing. The course is taught to medical interpreters as part of a major national study on genetic testing.
medical illustration of Comic from “The ROMP Ethics” study, a project of  the Institute of Translational Health Sciences,
funded by National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).
medical illustration of This slideshow comic is shows a young couple meeting with physicians and a genetics counselor about their child's developmental delays.
medical illustration of BSM created medical illustrations and a slide show to explain celiac disease pathophysiology and possible opportunities for new therapies that may act on different steps in the disease process. This project was for Go Beyond Celiac, an online community created by people with celiac disease, for people with celiac disease.
medical animation of Whiteboard video from series of 18 whiteboard videos (1 hour of content) created by Booster Shot Media to explain basics of Type 1 Diabetes to parents of children who have just been diagnosed. This complete series covers insulin, carbohydrate counting, management of high and low blood sugar, as well as information about nutrition and physical activity. It is produced in both English and  Spanish.
medical animation of This video is for a bioethics research study on patient attitudes towards consent options in comparative effectiveness research. In this scene, a patient with high blood pressure is at the doctor. The doctor explains comparative effectiveness research and asks the patient if they would like to be enrolled in the study.
medical animation of BSM created this video to explain general concept of medical research to patients and families for a children's hospital in Chicago.
medical animation of BSM collaborated with psychologist Jody Thomas, PhD at Stanford Children’s Health to create a video that teaches children and parents techniques to reduce pain during medical procedures. The concepts are based on current pain management research.
medical animation of Video for Informed Consent documentation for use in young adult research studes that are part of the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS), a longitudinal cohort study investigating the long-term effects of HIV infection and ARV (antiretroviral) medications in children and young adults who were born with HIV or born exposed to HIV. The study is managed by researchers at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and was developed by NIH
medical illustration of This is page 1 of a multi-page discharge instruction handout for parents and children who are leaving the emergency department after being seen on mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). The text was written by Children's Hospital Wisconsin and the format an
medical illustration of This graphic is part of a the informed consent document for a study called the Cancer Health Assessments Reaching Many (CHARM) study. The document used plain language and icon images (created by Booster Shot Media) to explain genetic testing concepts to possible study participants. The study sponsor is Kaiser Permanente and you can read more about it at


Booster Shot Media creates comics and videos to educate people of all ages about complex health topics. Founded by pediatric allergist/immunologist and cartoonist Alex Thomas MD and health communication specialist Gary Ashwal, BSM combines years of clinical experience and communication practice with an effective understanding of how theory and research can be applied to real world healthcare challenges. More than simply a graphic design team or a production company, BSM is your health communication partner with a unique combination of core competencies in clinical medicine, healthcare content, audience-centric design, and original artwork.


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