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Eva Erdei

medical illustration of facial nerve VII, fat pad, parotid gland, temporalis muscle, galea aponeurotica, epicranius muscle. temporal fascia, innominate fascia complex
medical illustration of meningioma, displacement of olfactory nerve, brain tumor, cerebral arteries, cerebrum, skull
medical illustration of Petroclival meningioma, colorized film, brain anatomy, pre-operative and post-operative, brain stem
medical illustration of Petroclival meningioma, colorized film, brain anatomy, pre-operative and post-operative, brain stem
medical illustration of Placenta accreta surgery involves the careful separation of the round ligaments, mobilization of the ureters, division of the utero-ovarian pedicles and para-uterine vessicles. Uterine vessels are transected, the uterosacral ligament divided. The cervix is separated off the bladder and the cardinal ligament divided.
medical illustration of Placenta Previa Percreta, Barrel Shaped Cervical Cancer, uterus,  umbilical cord, ovaries, pregnant female, coronal view of uterus
medical illustration of arthroscopy, posterior and anterior portal, Left Shoulder Instability and Labral Tear, glenoid capsule, humeral head, humerus, rib cage, scapula, anterior labrum, posterior labrum, acromial process, subacromial bursa, bursectomy, debridement, biceps tendon
medical illustration of compound depressed frontal fracture, accident, craniotomy, bone flap, dural tear, skull fracture
medical illustration of External Ventricular Drain Placement, EVD, third ventricle, fourth ventricle, lateral ventricle, foramen of Monroe, lateral view of brain,
medical illustration of Brain anatomy, cerebrum, cerebellum, ventricals, brain ateries, vertebral artery, basilar artery, internal carotid artery, cerebral artery, Sagittal view of the skull. Brain is shown with temporal lobe partially removed, pons, tegmentum of the mesencephalon, the pituitary gland and mamillary corpus. Depicted are the clivus, roots of the cranial nerves and the 3 zones. 4 approaches are depicted: transsylvian, subtemporal, transpetrosal and lateral suboccipital.
medical illustration of Radius, ulna, incision, first metacarpal and second metacarpal, bones of the hand, metacarpal head,
medical illustration of graphic design, skull illustrations, cranial implant, medical device company, branding, marketing
medical illustration of medical device company, skull, cranial implant, logo
medical illustration of medical device company, skull, cranial implant, logo, brochure for implant process, skull fracture, cranial injury, design, graphic design, branding, marketing, education
medical illustration of Surgical approach to place mesh over fat pad, Craniotomy, dura, mesh, post-auricular approach.
medical illustration of left foot, metatarsal fracture, comminuted fracture, colorized illustration to match film and enhance the fracture site
medical illustration of Petroclival meningioma surgery, brain anatomy, CNIV, CNV, CNVII, CNIX, CNX, CNXI, tentorium, dura, cerebellum, cerebrum, post-auricular approach, superior petrosal sinus, PCA (posterior cerebral artery)


At Global Medical Illustrations (GMI) we believe that art, design, medicine and technology transcend borders. We support the development, progress and communication of ideas. Our founder and CEO, Eva Erdei brings to the table a broad range of unique experience. She has worked for international organizations like the United Nations in Europe, for small medical device start-up companies as custom implant designer all the way to working as Art Director for a medical legal company. It is this unique and broad experience that gave birth to her vision to offer a platform where any visual problem can be tackled through a creative design solution, regardless of the field.


Black & White, Color, Design, Line, Line with Color, Photography, 3D


Anatomy, General Surgery, Medical Devices, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Reproductive Biology, Injuries, Legal Exhibits, Oncology, Sports Medicine