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Illustration to accompany a health information article on common causes of pelvic pain:

Alexandra Gordon/verywell

Alexandra Gordon

medical illustration of 3D, Web, Cell biology / Histology, Genetics
medical illustration of Patient education piece illustrating the potential causes of achilles pain for, the #3 largest ad-supported health Information site with 40MM monthly unique U.S. visitors
medical illustration of Line, Education, Publishing, Anatomy, Plastic Surgery
medical illustration of Illustration of endosymbiosis used in an introductory biology ebook
medical illustration of 3D rendering of a robotic needle driver selected for TEDMED 2012
medical animation of Cinema 4D animation demonstrating the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane
medical illustration of Illustration to accompany an article on supplement for, the #3 largest ad-supported health information site with 4o MM monthly unique U.S. users


Color, Line, 3D


Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology, Genetics, Medical Devices, Physical Therapy, Injuries, Oncology, Health & Wellness, Plastic Surgery, Sports Medicine