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This cover art was designed for a group of researchers publishing their latest work in anti-cancer nanotechnology

Hughes Scientific Illustration, LLC

Veronica Hughes

medical animation of Several co-factors are vital to the function of the LPL gene
medical animation of Proteins such as LPL assist in internalization of free fatty acids from chylomicrons
medical animation of Paired-end DNA sequencing can reveal alterations in DNA such as inversions, deletions, and duplications
medical animation of Video depiction of DNA blocking in sequencing
medical animation of The LPL receptor allows hydrolyzation of triglycerides into free fatty acids from chylomicrons
medical animation of In patients with a rare genetic defect, levels of triglycerides in serum rise and cause acute pancreatitis
medical animation of Chylomicrons are particles that carry triglycerides from foods to the rest of the body, particularly to adipose tissue, the heart, and skeletal muscle.
medical illustration of PNA molecules, which mimic DNA, are loaded onto nanodiscs to be taken up by tumor cells. This increases delivery, which has long been a problem in delivering therapeutic nucleic acids. Research like this will hopefully make great strides into improving cancer care for our oncology patients.
medical animation of Designed to educate new employees to a biotechnology company, this video was used for explaining DNA sequencing, designed to be shown while an instructor narrated the film.
medical illustration of Viruses are often used to introduce DNA into an organism, with the goal of altering protein expression. This image was submitted as cover art.
medical animation of Acinar cells are harvested from patients with pancreatic cancer, and grown in vitro
medical illustration of Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, and are anuclear. This image was created for cover art submission.
medical illustration of CRISPR is a powerful tool in gene editing. This particular enzyme is activated in water, and we chose to use an underwater scene of the CRISPR carving out the Venus de Milo.
medical animation of Early diagnosis of cancer, as well as monitoring for potential relapse, is vital to increasing survival in cancer patients. New technology allows us to detect tumor cells that are circulating in the blood stream.
medical animation of When chylomicrons accumulate in the blood stream, they can clog up small arteries in the pancreas, leading to acute pancreatitis
medical illustration of Fruit flies use a number of pharyngeal neurons to detect bitter, acid, or high salt compounds. This combinatorial coding of neurons allows for aversive behavior.
medical animation of Short explainer video detailing how DNA sequencing is read by a machine on a flow cell
medical illustration of Immunotherapy has been used for several years as cancer immunotherapy. This form of oncology treatment holds great curative potential, targeting metastatic potential in cancer cells.
medical animation of A segment of a video developed to teach new employees DNA sequencing
medical animation of DNA replication in sequencing technology
medical illustration of DNA of bacteria, mitochondria, and some viruses is circular, bypassing the need for telomeres.
medical animation of Neuropathy of a motor neuron axon.
medical illustration of Viruses may have circular DNA, and are not considered living beings.
medical animation of Dry ice sublimating
medical illustration of Water molecules could be considered one of the building blocks of life. Humans are approximately 70% water.
medical illustration of Adipocytes store fat to provide our body with a storage of energy.
medical illustration of Estrogen
medical illustration of A figure illustrating the transition between EMT and MET for a publication.
medical illustration of Cancer immunotherapy has become an incredibly promising, exciting field in oncology. PD-1 and PD-L1 are major targets and have shown great promise in melanoma patients.
medical illustration of Cancer vaccines are an exciting field recently. The ability to stimulate a person's immune system to destroy cancer cells holds great promise to long-term cures.
medical illustration of A depiction of a nanotechnology material made that is both hydrophobic and conducts electricity


Graduating from the University of Florida in 2017 with a PhD in medical science, I decided to merge my education in cancer biology and therapeutics with my love of art. Hughes Scientific Illustration was born. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to our next project together.


Animation, Color, Design, Information Graphics, Line with Color, 3D, Video


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