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With over 30 years experience and a passion for the latest developments in 3D rendering and scene layout software, Peter Crowther Associates strive to create the highest level of composition and details to create compelling and engaging images for clients all around the world. Peter Crowther graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA(DES RCA) in Graphic Design. He then worked for six months in one of the first multimedia design companies in London, Decode Design. During this time he beta tested the first version of Photoshop and went on to set up as a freelance illustrator/animator creating his first large scale series of surreal photomontages for the flagship Virgin Megastore interior when people actually bought physical records and CD's to play music on their devices. His journey from 2D, working with photomontage, through to photo-retouching and later with photo-realistic 3D rendering has led to many interesting and varied jobs which have been incredibly rewarding. Peter has worked on stamps and First Day covers for the Royal mail up to 96 sheet posters for P&O and the odd title sequence for BBC and Channel 4. Today he continues to use cutting edge 3D software often speaking directly with the chief scientists to request and test new features. Clients include: Adobe, Sony, Cadbury, American Express, Abelson Taylor, Bloomberg, Billboard Magazine,IBM Magazine, EMI, Goodwood, Virgin, BBC, Financial Times, Carlsberg, NIKE, EMPIRE Magazine, Esquire, GQ Magazine, Mens Health Magazine, F1 Magazine, Independent Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Nature Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Harvard Business Magazine.