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medical illustration of Based off an SEM-style photograph, this 3D model represents a cervical cancer cell. This image and corresponding animation are available as stock artwork by Lure Animations. Introducing an interactive version soon!
medical illustration of As part of the hard-working liver, hepatocytes are uniquely complex cells. We just think they're beautiful. This artwork and animation are available as stock content from Lure Animations. Watch for an interactive model coming soon!
medical illustration of Hepatocytes or liver cells are the most intriguing and helpful cells: their faceted surfaces are covered by all kinds of receptors and channels, allowing them to store and synthesize proteins and filter out toxins.
medical illustration of The cancer cells shown here are growing in the lung's alveoli where air is exchanged. Alveolar cell carcinoma originates in the alveolar walls and is characterized by its multiple nodular form. The good news is this type of lung tumor rarely ever metastasizes. This image and other stock artwork are available from Lure Animations.
medical illustration of The therapeutic effects of medical cannabis are attributed to cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, which interact with the human endocannabinoid system to benefit mood, appetite, chronic pain and more! Model and animation available from Lure Animations.
medical illustration of This detail of a cannabis flower shows the tiny bead-like trichomes which produce cannabinoids, the active compounds in medical marijuana. New research has begun to reveal the many therapeutic benefits associated with this delicate plant. Model and animations available from Lure Animations.
medical illustration of This is a still from an animation demonstrating the EnsoETM esophageal temperature management system. This device is used to help regulate the body temperature during surgery.
medical animation of This medical device animation demonstrates the features and benefits of the LightSpeed Intubation System.
medical animation of This animations illustrates the RegENT flexible, semi-compliant balloon catheter with diagnostic capabilities.
medical illustration of The see-through patient is a popular device used in medical animations; paired with realistic looking anatomy, it can provide an elegant effect.


Lure Animations is a boutique animation studio specializing in medical content. While some of our favorite pieces to create are highly detailed cellular environments, we generally prefer a more stylized (read: simplified) approach to visualizing anatomy. This helps us communicate complex concepts clearly and in manner that is exciting, colorful, and memorable. We are a full-service animation team ready to tackle any project big or small. We truly love a good challenge and the chance to invent something new! In fact, this year we will begin offering more interactive content - combining gaming techniques with accurate medical models - to provide you a more dynamic way to engage your audience.


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