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Keri Jones

medical illustration of This exhibit was produced for physician defense to demonstrate normal cervical anatomy and the pre-operative anatomy of the patient, explaining why the patient needed surgery.
medical illustration of This series of images depicts the chevron osteotomy technique for correcting a mild bunion deformity.
medical animation of 1. The role of chromokinesin in moving chromosomes to the metaphase plate during mitosis.
2. Removal of a lesion and reconstruction using a bilobe flap plastic surgery procedure.
3. A 3D scapula model
4. A 3D skull model
5. 3D scissors cutting suture
6. Antibodies blocking acetylcholine receptors in myasthenia gravis, a type II hypersensitivity reaction.
7, A young boy getting a nosebleed in an animation on how to treat nosebleeds.
8. An apoptotic cell being engulfed by an immune cell.
medical illustration of This poster explains how menotropins, follicle-stimulating hormone, and leutinizing hormone induce ovarian follicle growth and increase fertility. It depicts the binding of hormones to their receptors on the theca and granulosa cell membranes to induce maturation of follicle and eggs, ending in the release of a mature egg.
medical illustration of This image serves to educate medical professions on the difference between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis with attention to their effects on the hands. It also depicts the difference in pathology of the joints.
medical illustration of This poster is an advertising example of a drug by explaining the effects on the structure and function of bronchioles. It depicts the path of the drug into the airways and how it enters the nuclei of respiratory cells to alter gene transcription, up-regulating production of cytokines.
medical illustration of This illustration depicts a ganglion impar nerve block injection as performed by an interventional radiologist for use in an ePoster presentation.
medical illustration of This project was created for the cover of a special issue (“Kynurenine Pathway in Aging”) of Experimental Gerontology. It serves to depict the conversion of tryptophan to kynurenine and its relationship to the aging body, including osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, vascular disorders, and liver disorders. The bright blue and yellow of kynurenine and tryptophan, respectively, complement the bright colors of the Experimental Gerontology default cover.
medical illustration of The small spaces and tiny contents of the anal and urogenital triangles are confusing to distinguish and identify. This piece serves to teach the viewer 1) where the perineum is located and how it is subdividing (including views in cross section) 2) the contents of the perineum and the subdivisions, 3) the blood supply and innervation to the perineum including important branches and their locations.
medical illustration of This project was a journal cover mock-up for Neurobiology of Aging that highlights the relationship of Alzheimer's and vascular disorders discussed in an article. The metaphorical approach engages interest and communicates the idea of the enzyme BACE-1 being the link between Alzheimer's and vascular disorders. A painterly approach helps reinforce that it is not a realistic depiction, but metaphorical and interpretive.
medical illustration of This surgery series depicts exposure, drainage, and removal of a dermoid ovarian cyst in order to educate surgical residents. The surgery was observed and sketched in the operating room, after which final sketches were created. Consultation with the surgeon aided in accuracy.
medical illustration of This poster teaches the anatomy and the conscious and unconscious pathways of proprioception. This includes the integration with the vestibular and visual systems and the various types of somatic proprioceptors. How the sense is tested is also included.
medical illustration of This project was produced for a medical school neuroanatomy lab manual on somatosensory pathways, formed by the trigeminothalamic pathways. The trigeminothalamic pathways involve the cranial V nuclei and nerves. This piece was specific to the face and was style-matched to others depicting other pathways.
medical illustration of This piece demonstrates the 
gross and cellular anatomy of the nasal cavity and how it functions in olfaction. Odorants are seen traveling to the respiratory mucosa and being recognized by bipolar sensory neurons that relay information to the brain via the olfactory bulb.
medical illustration of This is an educational piece for a PowerPoint presentation in a medical school lecture. It serves to compare/contrast the pathology of acute rheumatic fever & chronic rheumatic heart disease, including the gross and histological changes in the mitral valve.


Keri Leigh Jones received her Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology and Master of Science in Medical Illustration from Augusta University. Throughout her education, she learned extensive anatomy, histology, development, and pathology that equips her to create high-quality visuals for a variety of medical clientele. Teaching and tutoring anatomy gave her the opportunity to reinforce and share her knowledge. She received extensive training in a variety of techniques allowing her to produce a variety of products for healthcare needs. She lives in Augusta, Georgia and is working towards obtaining her CMI certification. She is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI). For Keri, medical illustration blends her two loves of art and biology. Her life-long passion gives her intense drive to create engaging imagery that accurately depicts how life works at all levels, from molecule to organism.


Animation, Airbrush, Collage, Color, Line, Line with Color, Photography, 3D, Models


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