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medical illustration of Cell biology / Histology, Disease Management, Molecular Biology
medical illustration of Cartoon, Line with Color, Advertising / Marketing, Patient Education, Professional Education, Cell biology / Histology, Disease Management, Molecular Biology, Mechanism of Action (MOA)
medical illustration of This editorial illustration in the Boston Heart personalized patient Diagnostic Report was the backdrop for a Results Overview 2-page spread. The overview provided the patient with a snap-shot view of their own heart disease risk and how each of four main factors (lipids, inflammation, metabolics, and genetics) is contributing to their risk.
medical illustration of This mechanism of disease (MOD) illustration was created for a patient education brochure for patients with a rare genetic disease called ADA-SCID. It shows how an abnormal gene encoding adenosine deaminase (ADA) leads to a deficiency in ADA, and thus inadequate conversion and clearing of deoxyadenosine/adenosine (a toxic metabolic byproduct) from immune cells, leading to cell apoptosis, lymphopenia and immunodeficiency.
medical illustration of Patient education/PR piece for Amlactin skin moisturizer.
medical illustration of This series of illustrations depicts the proper site preparation and placement of a prosthetic nipple using a novel permanent, magnetic anchor embedded in the skin.
medical illustration of This illustration was created for a Xiaflex patient education brochure, and depicts the 3 stages of Dupuytren's as well as the six main treatment options available to patients.
medical illustration of Color, Publishing, Professional Education, Anatomy, Medical Devices, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery


Cartoon, Color, Line, Line with Color, Photography, 3D


Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Dermatology, Disease Management, General Medicine, General Surgery, Genetics, Medical Devices, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Reconstructive Surgery, Oncology, Mechanism of Action (MOA), Health & Wellness, Plastic Surgery