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Catherine Delphia

Medical Illustration Studios

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Medical Illustration Studios specializes in creating dynamic and award-winning illustrations, animations and designs. From patient and employee education to pharmaceutical sales and promotion, the company is known for its ability to effectively communicate with medical professionals, translating complex information into simplified and aesthetic visuals. The business offers a streamlined review process that takes the client from sketch to final illustration in as little as week, and competitive rates that work with any budget. Catherine Delphia is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator and a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. She received her Master of Arts Degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and is a Vesalian Scholar recipient.


Design, 3D, Models, Collage, Line with Color, Color, Information Graphics, Black & White


Reproductive Biology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Transplantation Surgery, Injuries, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Cardiac Surgery / Cardiology, Physical Therapy, Genetics, Reconstructive Surgery, Legal Exhibits, Veterinary Medicine, Ophthalmology, Alternative Medicine, Cell biology / Histology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pediatrics, Disease Management, Neuroscience, Urology, General Medicine, Neurosurgery, Botany, Health & Wellness, Maternal / Child, Virology, Anatomy, Natural History, Pathology, Entomology, Zoology, Biology, Pharmacology, Embryology, Natural Science / Nature, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Oncology, Portraits, Allergy / Immunology, Medical Devices