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Sixty Years of Combined Oral Contraceptives Use

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Infographic on the history, mechanism and use of oral contraceptives. Layout design by Maria Gonzalez.

DNA Illustrations, Inc.

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DNA Illustrations, Inc.

medical illustration of Infographic on the history, mechanism and use of oral contraceptives. Layout design by Maria Gonzalez.
medical illustration of Montage of images related to Lynch syndrome including endometrial cancer, a family pedigree for an autosomal dominant syndrome and a segment of dna showing high microsatellite instability.
medical illustration of ECV (external Cephalic Version) in use to try and avoid Cesarean section on a mother with a fetus in complete breech presentation. The baby is lifted out of the pelvic cavity and rotated head down.
medical illustration of Acupuncture needle positions for treatment of various sinus related issues.
medical illustration of Anatomy of the Trigeminal nerve. Lebelled are the Trigeminal ganglion, the Opthalmic nerve, the Maxillary nerve and the Mandibular nerve.
medical illustration of Illustration for article about the diagnosis and management of abnormal placentation. Shown is disrupted decidua basalis layer with ingrowth into the decidua and myometrium of the uterus. Large placental lacunae are seen on the cross section. Uterine scarring is also demonstrated near the most pervasive areas of placenta abnormality.
medical illustration of Cover illustration of the Zika virus for article on answering patient's questions about the virus.
medical illustration of Close up view of the pupil and iris showing reflections of a computer screen and cityscape for an article on dry eye.
medical illustration of Medical illustration showing insertion of 3 mm mini trochar next to previously placed 5-12 mm versa port in umbilicus. Abdomen is insufflated and draped for pelvic surgery.
medical illustration of Editorial illustration on the current US Cesarean section epidemic and its implications. Surgeon is shown pausing  before preforming a cesarean section. Patient is shown in cross section, stalled in early phase two labor.
medical illustration of Illustration showing 4 grades of breast density in mammography in a side by side representation. Four grades of classifications from American College of Radiology are shown from top to bottom are 1. Almost entirely fatty 2. Scattered areas of fibroglandular density 3. heterogeneously dense 4. extremely dense
medical illustration of Internal Cystitis and Bladder Pain Syndrome is a common cause of chronic pelvic pain. The illustration show glomerulations, thinned and/or irregular areas of the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer with general irritation in the urothelium during a cystoscopy. Pelvic nerves in the surrounding tissue are inflamed.
medical illustration of Maternal obesity and high gestational weight gain may have harmful effects on fetal metabolic programming and potential harmful effects on the fetal brain. Evidence suggests increased odds of cognitive defect, increased odds of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and cerebral palsy. Mechanisms may be through inflammation via increased pro-inflammatory cytokines, fetal pancreatic response to glucose rich environment and multiple organs affected include fetal brain, liver, pancreas and adipose tissue.
medical illustration of Breast cancer from diagnosis to typing.
medical illustration of Illustration for article comparing various methods of inserting the first trochar to avoid injury in laparoscopic surgery
medical illustration of Main illustration shows marrow punch inserted into posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS) to collect biopsy sample. Inset illustration shows patient positioning.
medical illustration of Mid-sagittal section of patient with super morbid obesity. Robotic instruments shown. Patient is in 40° Trendelenburg to access uterus.
medical illustration of Development of chronic pain and intractable cancer pain appears to be related to the activation of the NMDA receptors in certain areas of the central nervous system, especially the limbic system.
medical illustration of Editorial illustration for article on caring for cancer patients with constipation. Shown is a side view of the large and small intestines.
medical illustration of Use of ultrasound to determine endometrial thickness in patients with post-menopausal bleeding as a preliminary cancer screen.
medical illustration of Illustration showing the Whipple Procedure - a pancreaticoduodenectomy. In this, the head of the pancreas, antrum of the stomach and duodenum are removed en bloc. The gall bladder is also removed. The common bile duct and tail of the pancreas are sutured to the jejunum. The stomach is redirected to empty below the pancreas and bile duct into the jejunum. Shown through the stomach is the tail of the pancreas with ghosted in main pancreatic duct, and splenic artery.
medical illustration of Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genomic variation affects an individual's response to medications. This illustration shows the opiod and CYP2D6 gene pairing. CYP2D6 is found on chromosome 22.
medical illustration of Illustration showing robotic partial nephrectomy with a laparoscopic assist. Kidney and tumor come out of a coronal CT scan. Bulldog clips are applied to the renal vessels to allow work in a bloodless field.
medical illustration of Editorial illustration of baby in utero exhibiting gastroschisis with some inflammation of the midgut (jejunum and ileum) from exposure to the amniotic fluid.
medical illustration of Artist interpretation of the mechanism of action of an NSAID molecule with a COX-2 receptor. Injured cells release Arachidonic acid (AA) molecules (in blue) that bind with the COX-2 receptors which in turn releases prostaglandins. NSAIDs will bind with COX1 and 2 receptors, thereby reducing the level of prostaglandins in circulation.
medical illustration of Use of 80ml foley catheter in lumen of cervix as inexpensive and effective means for inducing labor.
medical illustration of Illustration showing flap reconstruction after mastectomy. The Latissimus dorsi pedicle is transferred from the shoulder to rebuild the breast mass. A saline implant is shown in the sub-pectoral position.
medical illustration of Embryo biopsy in IVF for genetic analysis is a shift in standard therapy over controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with intrauterine insemination as first-line therapy for couples with unexplained fertility.
medical illustration of Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) illustrated with symmetrical stocking-glove numbness and parasthesia.
medical illustration of Four quadrants shown that are used for measuring amniotic fluid in the AFI Method.
medical illustration of Midsagittal section of fetus in utero showing hydrops fetalis.
medical illustration of Vasa Previa from an abnormal placenta with a vellamous attachment.
medical illustration of Coronal scoop section of uterus showing uterine leiomyomas with associated vascular supply.
medical illustration of Mid-sagittal section through the globe showing the effects of dry eye. Damage is shown to the oily layer protecting the cornea.
medical illustration of Transposition of left ovary to pelvic brim for fertility preservation during radiation therapy for pelvic cancer. Blood supply (ovarian vessels) are freed from peritoneum and followed to attachment to ovary. Blood supply is preserved as ovary is tacked above colic gutter.
medical illustration of Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for treatment of testicular cancer. Abdominal lymph nodes are removed to establish stage and type. Testicular cancer spreads in established pattern. The article includes two inside pieces showing a modified patter for the left and right patterns of spread.
medical illustration of Internal view of a capillary showing the effects of chronic inflammation. Destruction of the vessel wall can be seen in the lower left side of the image, along with an increase of fibrinogen strands in the blood.
medical illustration of Psychomotor Dysadaptation Syndrome. A postural and psychological problem seen in the frail and very elderly. The fear of falling will bring about postural changes in the spine and core muscles.
medical illustration of Illustrates a sagittal section of lumbar spinal anatomy showing a permanently placed catheter for delivery of pain medication directly into the thecal sac and spinal fluid for severe, chronic pain management in end stage cancer.
medical illustration of Editorial illustration showing the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain with metastatic cancer highlighted editorially by yellow graphic rings. Metastatic tumors are the most common lesion in the brain. Blood vessels are shown to represent the blood brain barrier, which can be transiently weakened by chemotherapeutic, systemic-wide treatments, and allow metastatic tumors to get to the central nervous system.
medical illustration of This editorial illustration shows the principal anatomy of the swallowing apparatus plus the esophagus and stomach with peristaltic waves pushing a bolus towards the stomach in the esophageal phase. There are four phases involved in swallowing. The oral preparatory phase, the oral propulsive phase and the pharyngeal and esophageal phases.
medical illustration of Illustration showing a kidney stone lodged in the proximal ureter. Featured in an artical about ureteral stone guidelines from the American Urologic Association.
medical illustration of Illustration showing future of bladder augmentation. Shown is a scaffold of SIS material (small intestine submucosa which is biodegradeable and supports three dimensional cell growth) seeded with stem cells in vitro.
medical illustration of Repair of vaginal mesh extrusion after pelvic organ prolapse surgery with sling.


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