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INVIVO Communications Inc.

medical illustration of You’re looking at a concept art piece that represents neuro demyelination. A fine semi-transparent layer served as the base sketch over which a semi-hard brush was used to paint in the colours and texture!
medical illustration of A screen from our haemotologic monitoring interactive.
medical illustration of Animation, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Education, Multimedia, Cell biology / Histology


INVIVO is an award-winning interactive agency that provides innovative digital solutions exclusively to the global pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The unique combination of our science expertise, user-centered design principles and leading-edge technologies allows us to deliver custom solutions that engage, educate and inspire your audience. Over the last 15 years our work has evolved from the design of CD-ROMs and tablet PC programs to serious games, patient apps and near-future applications. We progress with the industry by understanding our clients, doctors, educators, patients and caregivers. INVIVO is always working to revolutionize user experiences and innovative, educational programs. Our world includes current and emerging platforms such as: mobile devices, gaming engines, augmented reality, commercial and custom CMS and CLM platforms, and a few others we can’t tell you about. YET...


Animation, Airbrush, Color, 3D, Apps/Mobile


Anatomy, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience