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Christine Gralapp Medical Illustration

medical illustration of Occasionally during delivery, if a baby loses station, it may be necessary to apply a vacuum to assist in delivery
medical illustration of When the umbilical cord prolapses, it can be compressed by the infant's head at the time of delivery.  This compression can cut off fetal/maternal blood exchange.
medical illustration of The complexity of the fetal / maternal interface at the placenta is important for juries to understand.  This illustration details the different components of placental circulation.
medical illustration of Nuchal cord is a condition that can distress the fetus when the umbilical cord becomes entangled an is stretched
medical illustration of Fibroids and distorted pelvic anatomy
medical illustration of Carotid artery aneurysms can be managed in several ways.  Here, I am depicting a clip and a coil.
medical illustration of The tonsil of the inferior cerebellum can become entrapped in the foramen magnum
medical illustration of The patient was had chemotherapy applied directly into the rectum to treat rectal cancer.  The complaint was that the treatment moved retrograde into the transverse colon to injure the bowel proximally.  This illustration demonstrates that when the patient was elevated properly, gravity and peristalsis would prevent the treatment from passing into the upper colon.
medical illustration of L5 is displaced anteriorly, causing injury to the caudal spinal cord fibers
medical illustration of PICC line placed in brachial vein


Juries appreciate clear, easy-to-parse graphics in support of complex medical concepts. The challenge of communicating visually to juries and other audiences has been my passion since graduating from University of California, San Francisco with a Master’s Degree in Medical and Biological Illustration. I am proud to say that every case I have illustrated has either prevailed for my client or settled. I specialize in anatomy and surgery of the Head and Neck, but am competent in all areas. I am the primary medical illustrator for Stanford University Department of Head and Neck surgery. My business is focused in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I serve an international clientele. It would be my pleasure to consult on your bioscientific visualization project!




Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Vascular Surgery, Legal Exhibits