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Cognition Studio, Inc.

medical animation of Cognition's Cabinet of Curiosities celebrates the work we have done, the work still to be created, and Cognition's aim to
medical animation of Sana is developing novel gene therapy platforms to address unmet medical needs across a spectrum of diseases. This 1-minute animation introduces the possibilities of Sana’s Fusosome technology, which re-engineers naturally-occurring cell-targeting proteins to unlock the ability to deliver any payload to any identified cell type. This bright and engaging animation is cohesive with Sana's brand while elevating its visual aesthetic to include custom 3D scenes and design elements.
medical animation of Covalent therapeutics are some of the most impactful in society yet make up only 2% of the market because, in the past, they have primarily been identified accidentally. The animation showcases that covalent bonding used in conjunction with Totus Medicines’ proprietary machine learning technology platform for high-throughput drug discovery converts genetic discoveries into real drugs, making more diseases treatable.
medical animation of TriSalus takes an integrated approach tailored to the target organ and disease biology to overcome two critical barriers: immunosuppression and delivery. This composite video tells the complexity of TriSalus' story by communicating the value of SD-101, a therapeutic that delivers organ-specific immunomodulation, and  SmartValve™ technology, a regional intravascular, Pressure-Enabled Drug Delivery approach to increase therapeutic value and support better patient outcomes.
medical animation of Inari is a tech-driven company that is reintroducing nature’s genetic diversity and working to address some of today’s significant challenges in agriculture, including climate change. Inari wanted a video that conveyed innovation and impact for the next-gen of ag-tech with the environment in mind. This live footage + 3D animated video introduces Inari’s vision for a tech-driven seed revolution: focusing on environmental harmony, efficiency, and precision that starts from the ground up.
medical animation of Sana is developing novel platforms to address unmet medical needs across a spectrum of diseases by overcoming immune rejection from transplanting “non-self” cells. This one-minute overview animation introduces the possibilities of the Hypoimmune Technology Platform and the primary process involved in creating it. This bright and engaging animation is cohesive with Sana's brand while elevating its visual aesthetic including custom 3D scenes and design elements.
medical animation of Omega’s groundbreaking platform of epigenomic programming and precision gene control focuses on the insulated genomic domain (IGD), a relatively unfamiliar biological structure. By showing where they’re located, and how different types of disruptions in them can contribute to the gene under/overexpression and thus disease, this animation presents Omega’s ability to map and identify specific IGD targets computationally and create Omega Epigenomic Controllers to potentially restore IGD structures.
medical animation of Using mRNA as a drug, Moderna developed a personalized cancer vaccine (PCV) technology that could rapidly create one medicine for one patient. Cognition created an animation of Moderna’s PCV manufacture and MOA. By including voiceovers from Moderna subject matter experts and crafting a bright, friendly aesthetic, the animation is approachable but does not shy away from explaining the science.

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medical animation of Adaptive Biotechnologies have revolutionized the immunotherapy landscape by allowing doctors and scientists to more precisely measure the number of remaining cancer cells after treatment and track newly emerging cancer cells. This will enable doctors to adjust therapy for greater efficacy. Cognition developed this animation in line with other web content to create a cohesive explanatory MRD platform.
medical animation of A glimpse into some of the science stories Cognition has had the privilege of telling. It is an honor to use our expertise in helping clients advance their understanding and realize their vision. Our approach to science storytelling clarifies and amplifies the client’s voice, transforming complex information into creative solutions that connect, resonate, and ultimately improve the human condition.
medical illustration of The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is the cause of COVID-19, a severe acute respiratory disease first detected in Wuhan, China. The spread of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the economy and daily lives of people across the globe. Here is a close-up view of the distinctive trimeric Spike protein that gives the virus its corona (crown) name.

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medical illustration of Cognition created this editorialized visualization of an mRNA delivery nanoparticle platform for an Investor Day presentation by Moderna. The nanoparticle is intended to showcase the elegant complexity of Moderna’s engineering and to make the system feel tangible and real to the audience. 

Visit to see the case study.
medical illustration of Researchers at the UW Institute for Protein Design (IPD) are revolutionizing how new de novo protein drugs, or “mini-protein binders,” can be generated. To support their publication and media efforts, Cognition created this editorial visualization to highlight their integration of computational design and laboratory testing, which rapidly generates and evaluates thousands of binders to find the best conformation to neutralize a specific target, such as hemagglutinin on the flu virus.
medical illustration of Scientists at the UW Institute for Protein Design (IPD) are pioneering the first synthetic nucleocapsids capable of packaging their genetic material and evolving specific properties. To support their publication and media efforts, Cognition created this editorial science visualization to highlight their elegant synthetic biology system that utilizes computational design and evolves based on exposure to complex environments (such as RNase A, blood, and murine circulation).
medical illustration of This close-up still from an animation that Cognition created for Acerta’s conference booth, showcases the Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (Btk) pathway in B cells, which plays a crucial role in B-cell development. Encased within a 12’ scale model of the monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, the animation intended to transport the viewer through an immersive story environment of the ACP-196 MOA for treatment of B-cell malignancies. Created in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects.
medical illustration of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is a major world health problem, with more than 160 million infected worldwide. Significant drug developments have occurred over the last few decades based on research on the virus’ lifecycle. Cognition used a combination of animation stills and new images to create a comprehensive lifecycle web curriculum showing the distinct steps and possible drug interventions.
medical illustration of An AVM is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that bypasses the capillary system and connects arteries directly to veins. This visualization depicts a medium-sized AVM on the frontal lobe’s surface. Cognition used a simple, hand-drawn approach to introduce the viewer to the anatomy and pathology of a brain AVM.
medical illustration of


With more than 20 years of experience in pharma, biotech, and research, Cognition’s therapeutic category expertise includes blood-related cancers, immunotherapy, immuno-oncology, autoimmune, respiratory, infectious disease, neurosurgery, biomaterials, biomedical device and nanotechnology. We apply our design thinking and communication skills to healthcare, translational medicine, patient knowledge campaigns, product and service design as well information design for global, environmental and public health.


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