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AMI #28

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Tim Fitzgerald

medical illustration of This illustration is a colored interpretation of a disc herniation and osteophytes in a female patient's neck. The layout includes an orientation image to give viewers familiarity with the level of the scan.
medical illustration of This colorized film interpretation shows calcium deposits within the patellar ligament. *Patient's name was replaced for privacy purposes.
medical illustration of This illustration is a direct interpretation of a dog's medical film.
medical illustration of This legal art board illustrates the fatal medical malpractice that occurred during surgery. The board includes an anatomy image for jury education, followed by the subsequent steps that led to the patient's fate.
medical illustration of This image is a medical legal art board for an acetabular fracture repair. The series of illustrations introduces the injury and surgical steps to remedy the fracture. Text accompanies each image to guide the reader through the steps.
medical illustration of This medical legal board shows an MRI scan and a colored interpretation of it for jury education. An orientation image of the scan is included, too.
medical illustration of This illustration is a colored interpretation of the Circle of Willis found in angiogram images (small branches excluded). The layout includes an orientation of the scan level, as well as orthographic views of the arteries in a complete brain for context.
medical illustration of This illustration was part of a proposal for a pharmaceutical company’s presentation. The illustration shows molecules in the extracellular space hovering over proteins that are embedded in a lipid bilayer. There are visuals underneath the proteins to symbolize the actions that occur downstream when the molecules bind to their receptors.
medical illustration of The art was originally created to demonstrate an understanding of research materials, but then accompanied an article submission in a recent publication of the


Tim Fitzgerald is an Atlanta-area medical illustrator and animator. He has a strong passion for public health and patient education, as well as visualizing medical research. Tim earned his MFA in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology (2014), building on his BFA in Illustration and minor in Biology from New Jersey City University (2011). Along with the required medical illustration courses, Tim found it both necessary and entertaining to take advance-level biology courses, such as Immunology and Pathophysiology, to better prepare him for what projects may lie ahead. Tim's timely, organized personality may border on the obsessive, but it has only made him a better asset for a variety of clients. So do not hesitate to contact him to discuss your upcoming projects!


Cartoon, Color, Design, Information Graphics, Line, Line with Color, Live Action Video


Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Biology, Cardiac Surgery / Cardiology, Cell biology / Histology, Disease Management, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, Vascular Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Virology, Zoology, Injuries, Legal Exhibits, Oncology