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Visual Medicine

medical illustration of Tip of aimer is placed in central fibers of the ACL stump to guide the insertion of the drill bit.
medical illustration of High pressure balloon dilatation catheter positioned in the ureter is resistant to ureteral strictures, impacted stones and ureteropelvic junction structures.
medical illustration of The UroMax II urology catheter provides strength to withstand high dilatation pressure from even the most resistant structures including calculi and instrumentation.
medical illustration of After cardio pulmonary bypass has been established, the major heart vessels, aorta and pulmonary artery are excised.
medical illustration of Following resection of the pulmonary artery and aorta, the malformed heart is uplifted revealing the posterior of the ventricles which are excised.
medical illustration of Valve replaced excised aortic valve and sutured in place prosthetic valve  below coronary orifices.
medical illustration of Retrieving meniscal BARB from package prior to insertion.
medical illustration of Each tendon bundle is uniformly compressed against bone without overlap by screw, encouraging rapid bony ingrowth.
medical illustration of The IlluminOss flexible cannulated burr is placed over the ball tip guidewire to provide proper space for delivery of the implant.
medical illustration of 
Attach the empty 20cc syringe to the black stopcock.  Open the valve to evacuate all the air out of the implant catheter.
medical illustration of The Clearfix Meniscal Screw allows arthroscopic repair of meniscal tears.
medical illustration of Insure that the Light Fiber is attached fully and completely to the LiiuminOss stopcock luer as shown.
medical illustration of The Crit Line monitor was developed to continuously detect change in blood volume during dialysis.
medical illustration of Unique suction end cap utilizing two layers of silicon tubing sandwiched between four layers of randomly placed silicon netting and coiled wire suspension.
medical illustration of The Cynosure hand piece provides micro adjustments in spot size PTP power and short pulse duration.
medical illustration of The monomer from the attached 20cc syringe is applied by applying moderate pressure to the syringe plunger filling the balloon.
medical illustration of The ESPION system components provide assessment of macular, pan-retinal and optic nerve functions.
medical illustration of Unique Diamond Dome Screw provides a full range of lateral and medial placement and is engineered to optimize range of motion and angulation.
medical illustration of Advertisement for DUSA Therapy demonstrating the clinical medical potential offered by ALA and light for cosmetic effect.
medical illustration of Knitted from a single strand of wire the Ultraflex Stent conforms to normal esophageal undulation maintaining latency and patient comfort.
medical illustration of The Flexposure Endo-Retractor can be positioned to provide optimal exposure for the repair of a herniated vertebral disk.
medical illustration of Graft fixation is accomplished by placing the Intrafix Screw into the ACL tunnel sheath.
medical illustration of Holding the Stabilizer in one hand, the other grasps the slap hammer and in one quick sharp stroke separates the catheter from the bone implant.
medical illustration of A Stabilizer is slid over the catheter shaft and advanced to connect with the proximal end of the implant.  It is rotated several times to score and remove the end from the PET balloon.
medical illustration of An electrical shock is delivered to the heart by a catheter with an electrode to relieve atrial fibrillation.
medical illustration of The SpineJet XL is inserted into the interdisc space through an annulotomy so that it can remove herniated disc material optimizing the environment for lumbar inter body fusion.
medical illustration of Insert timer key into slot on light box and depress foot pedal to initiate light curing cycle.
medical illustration of Infant Rat
medical illustration of Introduce the prepared balloon into the tear away sheath using fluoroscopy to insure that the fracture site has been spanned in the intramedullary canal.
medical illustration of The Cuff Tack suture anchors in shoulder surgery has facilitated the rapid advancement of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair techniques.
medical illustration of Vertebral bar excised to reveal lamina surrounding herniated disk using minimal opening provided by Flexscope.
medical illustration of Halftone illustration of knee prosthesis in-situ for newsprint.
medical illustration of Laboratory rat taped in position prior to surgery on hind leg.
medical illustration of Surgical illustration demonstrating efficacy of intravaginal resection of cancerous tumor by Myosure instrument and tumor removal and cancerous debris left by abdominal resection of Laproscopic instrument.
medical illustration of Correct placement of Balfour retractor blades on Bookwalter Retractor to avoid impinging or injuring sciatic nerve.
medical illustration of Surgical view of Bookwalter Retractor in position with correct placement of Balfour retractor blades to aid abdominal operation.
medical illustration of Place the COR assembly on a firm surface and tap the plunger to advance the knee graft into the Guides distal tip.
medical illustration of The Myosure system is a convenient method of removing intrauterine fibroids using direct hysteroscopic visualization with no cautery to preserve tissue margins and help protect uterine function.
medical illustration of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is a skin altering technique to erase broken capillaries, freckles and rosace.
medical illustration of Retracting the outer sheath of the Ultraflex Stent allows the gelatin holding the stent together to dissolve allowing the prosthesis to self-expand.
medical illustration of Color, Medical Devices, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Reproductive Biology, Oncology
medical illustration of Using clear acrylic positioner, Cuff Tack is placed above ligament tear and driven into place.
medical illustration of The Rapid Loc device allows arthroscopic repair of meniscal tears.
medical illustration of Laboratory rat in position for injection.
medical illustration of The plunger is tapped to press the plug into the undersized hole until it is flush with the surrounding host cartilage.
medical illustration of Demonstration of clinical therapy using Lumenis IPL to correct damage done to epidermis by tattoos, rosacea and freckles.
medical illustration of The Syneron system delivers focused ultrasound energy to disrupt subcutaneous tissue.
medical illustration of A semi-rigid system that allows clinical correction without unnecessary stress between implants and spine anatomy.
medical illustration of Anatomical study of Varicose Vein and blood coursing through it without benefit of valve constriction.
medical illustration of A bone grafting dual curve plate conforms to natural anatomy to minimize decortication and optimize screw placement.


As a noted medical illustrator and proprietor of his own company, VISUAL MEDICINE, Ron brings to his work a unique background of illustration, strategic marketing and creative development. He was Chief of Medical Illustration at the Arizona Heart Institute, Advertising Manager for Codman & Shurtleff, the surgical instrument division of Johnson & Johnson and Vice President, Director of Client Service for BOZELL Worldwide. Unlike many illustrators, Ron has an unusually deep knowledge of medical instruments. He understands them mechanically, and knows how they’re used in surgery. As a result, his clients get a rare combination of brand enhancing talent: top quality illustration by an industry recognized expert who’s extensive marketing experience has taught him how to showcase a product. Ron’s work has been featured in industry competitions such as the Association of Medical Illustrators, the Medical Marketing Association and the Advertising Club of Boston and many others.


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