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This animation was made to introduce cardiac surgeons and other stakeholders to the HeartWare System, its use and key technological advantages. It was important to clearly illustrate the pump’s proprietary suspension system, which eliminates wear. To focus viewer attention, we rendered the system and heart photorealistically and used a simpler illustrative style for supporting elements.

AXS Studio Inc.
medical illustration of We created this medical device animation to demonstrate the distinct advantages of this new medical device over conventional thermal cardiac ablation modalities: the tissue-selective properties of pulsed field ablation (PFA) and the configurable morphology that allows treatment of a wide range of cardiac anatomies.
medical animation of Beautiful and accurate 3D medical animations, interactive apps and illustrations by long-standing medical visualization experts AXS Studio. Our 2018 General Showreel showcases a cross-section of our work and presents our unique offering to life science companies. Our in-house medical science knowledge and digital media expertise enable us to create educational and entertaining experiences for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. Contact us to get started.
medical animation of Award-winning, beautiful and accurate 3D medical animation for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare industries. We’re artists who love science, with a rare combination of artistic talent, technical skill and medical science knowledge. The result is medical animation that’s as beautiful to watch as it is scientifically accurate. Our clients appreciate our in-house science knowledge for the time, effort and cost it saves them.
medical animation of Custom digital interactive experiences with stunning 3D graphics that engage and inform healthcare professionals about important disease state concepts and therapeutic mechanisms. Our 2018 Medical Interactive Showreel showcases our one-of-a-kind visual science experiences that are proven to drive engagement for our clients at medical congresses and online. Serious games, experience walls, holograms, photo booths, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).
medical animation of Beautiful, accurate, award-winning 3D medical device animation for marketing, premarket approval (PMA), training and instructions for use (IFU). We’re artists who love to visualize medical science and technology! We have a rare combination of technical skill, artistic talent and medical knowledge. We create device and technology animations that are as beautiful to watch as they are informative.
medical animation of Beautiful and accurate 3D scientific animations and visual effects for science documentaries, films, science education and museum exhibits. We’re artists who love science. We bring a rare blend of artistry, technical skill and scientific knowledge to animations that are as accurate as they are beautiful to watch. We have extensive experience visualizing medical and biological subjects, including genetics, neuroscience, disease processes, microbiology and nanobiology.
medical animation of Our challenge for this oncology animation was to present the proteasome as both a vital tool for healthy cells, and a key weapon of survival for cancer cells. We based the structure of our proteasome and its function on data from peer reviewed literature. A warm palette and bright lighting underscore the idea that the proteasome is not a sinister force, but rather an innocuous player in a noxious process.
medical illustration of Created for disease state education on the molecular pathways underlying osteoporosis. Sclerostin is one of many factors that affects the downregulation of osteoblasts and overactivity of osteoclasts. The resulting imbalance can lead to fragility fractures in patients with osteoporosis.
medical animation of A feature-length documentary about inherited diseases. Diverse storytelling needs called for 2 animation styles: 1) 3D visualization for immersive journeys; 2) Hand-drawn for concepts and processes. The resulting visualizations showcase incredible molecular processes for a lay audience and allow both fleeting molecular interactions and long experimental workflows to be memorably communicated.
medical illustration of This cardiology animation explores the regulation of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels in the liver. By contrasting the LDL-C processing with and without PCSK9, we demonstrate how the latter is a therapeutic target for lowering LDL-C levels in hyperlipidemia. All molecular structures and conformations are based on data.
medical illustration of This animation begins with the burden of disease of migraine, moves through pathophysiology, then dives into the story of a key molecular player: CGRP. We depict the localization of CGRP and its receptor in the CNS and peripheral structures and show receptor binding on a molecular level, within a synaptic cleft. A thorough review of the migraine literature informed the script and visuals.
medical illustration of A true first in medical communications, we created this immersive mixed reality (MR) experience to offer HCPs a new perspective on cardio-renal science and its impact on patients. Mixed reality combines live video with virtual reality (VR) to blend the real and digital worlds. We brought to life a mural of MiRA (mixed-reality avatar) for a one-on-one conversation with booth visitors at ASN 2018.
medical animation of Guardians of the Genome is a multi-player, virtual reality (VR) science game designed to teach players about accurate DNA structure through collaborative, hands-on experiences. Equipped with special tools emulating DNA repair enzymes, players are tasked with fixing common mistakes in DNA called base-pairing errors. Experienced solo or in cooperation with friends, Guardians is a fun and immersive way to learn about this fundamental molecule of life. Supports Oculus Rift & HTC Vive controllers.
medical illustration of This website interactive allows students to explore and learn about a biotechnology tool that is at the forefront of scientific research and hear directly from leading researchers about how they use CRISPR-Cas9.

Winner of the Award of Excellence
at the 2018 annual meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators.
medical illustration of A highly engaging immuno-oncology educational game featured at ASCO and ASH. Playing the role of cytotoxic T cells in an evolutionary arms race with cancer cells, users interact with an AI-driven population of cancer cells that proliferate and evolve evasive mechanisms. Simple interactions and custom controllers improved accessibility for users with limited gaming experience. Built-in analytics provide metrics to measure ROI.
medical illustration of The emergence of biosimilars has forced HCPs to navigate questions and misconceptions, including that biosimilars are like generic drugs. The Build a Biosimilar iPad app gives participants an appreciation for the difficulty in making a complex biologic molecule highly similar to its reference product. By adjusting manufacturing settings, users see how small changes have significant structural and functional impacts.
medical illustration of An engaging disease state education application we created to educate HCPs on certain underappreciated aspects of heart failure (HF), including cardiovascular disease (CVD). Participants drive the experience using touch screen controls, while the attractive holographic imagery doubles as a booth attract to drive traffic at a scientific affairs booth. Built-in analytics provide metrics to measure ROI.
medical illustration of An entirely unique booth interactive featured at ASCO and ASH, our VR microscope immerses users in a battle between T cells and cancer. Participants learn the MOA of a novel immunotherapy using a virtual histology slide with AI-driven cells. A dial allows users to zoom between micro & nano scales, experiencing the story at both cellular and molecular levels. A printed microscope slide kit doubles as an information handout.
medical illustration of What better way to educate a headache specialist on the role of CGRP in migraine than to show it in their own brain! MiBrain simulates a live scan so that neuro and vascular anatomy on the screen track a user’s movements. We leverage experiential learning by showing CGRP and its receptor in structures that appear to be inside a user’s head. A photo printout puts smiles on faces and reinforces key messages.
medical illustration of We created this amazing interactive experience to let rheumatologists peer inside their own hands to witness the signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis at three stages of involvement: skin; early joint; and progressive joint. Scanning modes simulated imaging techniques used in diagnosis. The result: a huge increase in HCP traffic and engagement for our client.
medical illustration of How can a convenient hand-held device replace established, complex and costly clinical lab equipment? The answer lies in innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and exceptional quality control. We created this animation to show prospective clients this disruptive but highly efficient solution for bedside diagnostic testing.
medical animation of We created this medical device animation to instruct clinical trial staff in the proper use of a novel drug delivery system. In a modular narrative, we describe device assembly and operation and demonstrate how its advanced technology benefits patients.
medical animation of This animation was made to introduce cardiac surgeons and other stakeholders to the HeartWare System, its use and key technological advantages. It was important to clearly illustrate the pump’s proprietary suspension system, which eliminates wear. To focus viewer attention, we rendered the system and heart photorealistically and used a simpler illustrative style for supporting elements.
medical animation of We created this animation to illustrate a new approach to ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation. Unlike traditional catheters, FARAONE is applied epicardially to create a box lesion around all pulmonary veins. The unusual placement presented a visualization challenge. This included illustrating the obstacle posed by reflecting pericardial membranes — a difficult concept to grasp without good visualization.
medical illustration of We created this medical device product animation to introduce healthcare professionals to the features of the GELShield extracranial pressure relief system. We developed a soft visual style consistent with GELShield’s purpose and created renderings from 3D product models for use on the GELShield website.
medical animation of Here we demonstrate two technological features of the Air Optix Contact lenses that provide deposit protection and moisture retention, resulting in a more comfortable experience for wearers. Moving seamlessly between molecular and macro scales, we provide a scientifically-accurate depiction of the moisture retention technology, while maintaining a clear, clean, watery aesthetic, consistent with the brand.
medical animation of We created this video to introduce stakeholders with a wide range of scientific knowledge to telomeres and their distinct spatial profiles in health and disease, and to illustrate how the Teloview diagnostic platform detects these profiles in cells. To explain how Teloview profiling works, we developed a visualization of the cellular analysis and underlying mathematical algorithms.
medical animation of In the sci-fi horror feature film, Splice, scientists defy legal and ethical boundaries, splicing human and animal DNA to create a new organism. AXS created animations and illustrations for props on the film set, basing our visualizations on laboratory video footage of nuclear transfer and cell division. We leveraged our knowledge of human sectional anatomy to create the creature MRIs.
medical illustration of A TV documentary film about marijuana induced psychosis due to increase activation of cannabinoid system and dopamine levels. We visualized neural pathways in the endocannabinoid and dopamine systems to help a lay audience understand the medical effects of THC on the brain. This included an innovative visualization of neurons firing in the prefrontal cortex.
medical animation of Dr. David Sandström and his team of top scientists at NorBAC investigate questionable advantages in biotechnology. AXS Studio created the signature CGI moments for this innovative TV drama that enabled the audience to see and think like a scientist. We called on our biology expertise to visualize complex, and often abstract, scientific concepts described in the actors’ dialogue.
medical animation of Commissioned for outreach & education, this animation details 21 days of chicken embryo development and adheres to the Australian national science curriculum: life cycles & comparative embryology. Informed by detailed research, 7 3D models were created to represent the chick at key stages of growth. This animation has been used widely in classrooms—a primary goal of the project. 7,600,000+ YouTube views.
medical illustration of This concise animation was designed to loop on a holographic display (hologram) in a congress booth. It functions as an educational booth “attract”, along with a full-length MOD video and interactive kiosk that also explore the role of the CGRP molecule in migraine pathophysiology. Visitors were drawn to the bright 3D brain and CGRP-receptor complex that appear to float before them in the exhibit space.


From stunning animations to immersive interactive experiences, we bring your medical science to life. For 15 years, we've helped clients explain disease state, drug mechanism of action and medical device function clearly and effectively. Our deep expertise in medical science sets us apart from other digital agencies. Our team is comprised of medically-trained animators and illustrators, including four Board Certified Medical Illustrators (CMIs). We speak the language of science and deliver beautiful, accurate visualizations and exceptional client service.


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