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Binder Park Zoo - Battle Creek, MI

Bald Eagle ID Graphic

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Binder Park Zoo's ID signs were originally made in anodized metal and all art is B&W line; the intent of the images is to show an aspect of the exhibit animal's behavior or physiology that isn't immediately apparent to the visitor: in this case, the "hooding" behavior of raptors. They shield their captured prey from other raptors who might be soaring overhead, and tempted to try to steal the food. This art was created in scratchboard.

Gail W. Guth

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Guth Illustration & Design

medical illustration of Watercolor image of pin oak leaves and acorns against a screened image of a mature pin oak tree
medical illustration of Watercolor of a honeysuckle on calf vellum
medical illustration of Colored pencil on black of early spring hosta shoots.
medical illustration of Watercolor of a bee approaching an obedient plant (Physostegia sp) in bloom. Watercolor, bee, plant, flowers, obedient plant, Physostegia, lavender, summer, pollination, flight, salt glaze technique
medical illustration of Watercolor of a dried poinsettia leaf. Watercolor, leaf, dried leaf, dead leaf, houseplant, color, structure
medical illustration of Watercolor/mixed media painting of a Skipper butterfly (Hesperia comma) on a clover blossom.Flower, insect, wildflower
medical illustration of Transparent watercolor illustration of a slipper orchid (Paph. urbanianum x sib ('shine and Glory' x 'Chocolate mousse'), on calf vellum.
medical illustration of Alianthus dried seedpods, watercolor. Seed, seedpod, dried seed, plant, tree
medical illustration of Digitally-rendered map of the Borgess Medical Center, Kalamazoo, MI. Map, color, infographic, Adobe Illustrator
medical illustration of Digitally and tradtionally rendered grounds map for Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, MI. Hand-drawn silhouettes. Adove Illustrator and Photoshop. Map, color, infographic, wayfinding, zoo, visitor information
medical illustration of Digital and hand-drawn elements for a Children's Garden map, Leila Arboretum Society Battle Creek, MI. Map, color, children, whimsical, cartoon, color, digital, Adobe Photoshop
medical illustration of Interpretive graphic for nature park; explaining rainwater runoff. Infographic, interpretive graphic, graphic, sign, exhibit,hydrology, conservation, runoff, environment
medical illustration of Watercolor, colored pencil and graphite illustration comparing jaw muscle attachment between Robust Australopithecine and human skulls. Art created for a college textbook, introduction to Anthropology.Anatomy, anthropology, textbook, Australopithecine, human, jaw, muscles,muscle attachment
medical illustration of Possum, cartoon, character, mammal, swamp, North America, nature, environment, small mammal, omnivore, woods, marsupial
medical illustration of Watercolor illustration of native plants for Leila Arboretum informational graphics. Bird,Hummingbird, columbine, swallowtail, butterfly, liatris, wildflower, prickly pear, cactus, healing, natural healing, natural first aid.
medical illustration of Mixed media illustration for series of spelling wall cards by Developmental Studies Center. Girl, active, exercise, jump rope, child, physical activity
medical illustration of Watercolor illustration of a raven (Corvus corvax) on pumpkins, created for a Halloween-themed exhibit. Bird, garden, fall, Halloween, salt wash, season, eerie, spooky
medical illustration of Colored pencil illustration of a yellow-billed hornbill, created for my 2016-2017 holiday card. Hornbill, Africa, savannah, bird, bill, colored pencil, color, acacia
medical illustration of Watercolor illustration of Chestnut-winged Cuckoo for
medical illustration of Scratchboard illustration created for Binder Park Zoo interpretive graphic. Eagle, Bald eagle, endangered, bird, predator, North America
medical illustration of Sketches of bald eagles, preparatory studies for a book cover illustration. Bird, endangered, North American
medical illustration of Ink line illustration for Binder Park Zoo newsletter. Ostrich, bird, large bird, Africa, wildlife
medical illustration of Watercolor illustration for
medical illustration of Watercolor/mixed media illustration for book cover, Guidepost Books series
medical illustration of Watercolor natural science illustration of a skunk tearing up a rotten log to eat the ants inside. One of 10 illustrations created for an elementary-level reader. Skunk, North American mammal, ants, habitat,natural science illustration, science illustration, science illustrator
medical illustration of Running Cheetah, watercolor. Africa, African animal, mammal, speed, anatomy, adaptation
medical illustration of Colored pencil illustration of oryx for artist's portfolio. Antelope, Africa, African, wildlife, desert, horns, mammal, hoof
medical illustration of Watercolor illustration of orca for book cover, Guidepost Books series
medical illustration of Prairie Dogs ink line. Mammal, North American, desert, burrows, colony
medical illustration of Ink line illustration of lemur species for Binder Park Zoo newsletter article. Lemur, Africa, African mammal, wildlife, ringtailed, ruffed, mouse, red,sifaka, primate, Africa, Madagascar, endangered
medical illustration of Colored Pencil illustration for artist's portfolio. Cape buffalo, buffalo, Africa, African animal, wildlife, bird, oxpecker
medical illustration of Colored pencil illustration of family pets. Basset hounds, mammal, dog, pet
medical illustration of Watercolor painting of Nana, a golden retriever, and her puppies playing in a backyard. One of 10 illustrations for an elementary reading book. Dog, mammal, retriever, puppies, play, backyard, home, yard.
medical illustration of Watercolor of Cedar Creek at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in Hastings, MI. watercolor, watershed, spring, landscape, color, wetlands
medical illustration of Watercolor of a skunk hibernating in a hollow log in winter; created as part of a series of classroom reading materials. Watercolor, skunk, North American mammal, winter, hibernating, fur


Freelance since 1976 Workshop Instructor since 2005 B.A., Michigan State University Member: Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, (GNSI) since 1976 GNSI Outreach Director:2010-present; Co-Editor, GNSI Journal of Scientific Illustration; GNSI Membership Secretary - July 2010 to February 2015 President, GNSI 2008-2010 GNSI Summer Workshop Coordinator 2007-2008 GNSI Annual Meeting Registration & Finance Coordinator, 2005 & 2006 MEDIA:Traditional: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics Digital: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign WORK EMPHASIS: Illustration, especially natural science; graphic design; project management; nonprofits PRINCIPAL CLIENTS: Guideposts Books; Precision Graphics; Binder Park Zoo; Cornwell’s; Michigan Audubon Society/Otis Audubon Sanctuary; Leila Arboretum Society; Tapteal Greenway Association; Flushing Township Nature Park; Developmental Studies Center; John E. DuPont (Ornithologist); Rafaill & Associates, (Web Design)


Black & White, Cartoon, Color, Caricature, Information Graphics, Line, Line with Color


Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Entomology, Maternal / Child, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Ornithology, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, Zoology