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Fetal Brain Damage from Bacterial Infections

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Illustrations from a series on how bacteria enter a fetus to damage its brain. The purpose was to enable a lay audience to understand ways in which different bacteria do their damage. Some cross the blood-brain barrier to destroy brain tissue directly by infection while others cause vasculitis in the arteries. Both result in ischemia and edema but look different on CT scans. Understanding this is critical for a correct diagnosis that will lead to the proper course of treatment.

2015 Delilah R. Cohn, CMI

AMI #28

Page 89

AMI #27

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AMI #26

Page 73

Delilah Cohn

medical illustration of Radio-frequency ablation of a spinal nerve root in the neck to alleviate unrelenting pain from cervical facet syndrome. Also available in the lumbar spine. Variations include cut nerve and regenerated nerve.
medical illustration of Pencil sketch of a woman with the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles in color. Can show other muscles and modify for procedures.
medical illustration of Pericardial sac around the heart
medical illustration of Heart with chambers and vessels over chest X-ray
medical illustration of Part of a series of illustrations on newborn v. child anatomy with respect to swallowing and infant feeding.
medical illustration of Anatomy of the airway in obstructive sleep apnea.
medical illustration of Covered stent inserted to repair perforation of iliac artery caused during placement of uncovered stents. Part of series including vascular surgery to suture perforation.
medical illustration of Complication: New stent entangled in previously placed stent with resultant clot formation and heart attack. Purpose: To communicate that this complication of heart stent surgery can be avoided with knowledge of the angle at which the LAD branches from the LCA. Part of a series.
medical illustration of Illustration of the brain to show the flow of dopamine from the midbrain through the corpus striatum to the frontal cortex. A sharp decrease in dopamine in the synapse between neurons causes movement disorders. Created for an article in the March 2014 issue of Discover Magazine titled,
medical illustration of Illustration of a late term fetus in the womb showing how some bacteria in the birth canal can pass through the amniotic membrane into the fluid where it is inhaled by the fetus. Other drawings in the series show bacteria traveling through the fetal circulatory system to the brain.
medical illustration of Anatomical relationship of the facial nerve to the parotid gland and neck muscles on a young child. Related images show cyst and surgery
medical illustration of When a baby is lying on its right side or on its back, the gastroesophageal juncture is submerged in liquid. One in a series on infant feeding.
medical illustration of Guide to correct placement of portals in hip joint for arthroscopic instruments. Part of series on operative hip arthroscopy.
medical illustration of Variable angle self-centering awl extends into bone prior to placing screws in cervical plate.
One in a series on surgical technique for Nuvasive Helix ACP.
medical illustration of Nerve injury due to nerve fiber compression showing parts of the nerve that are injured v. normal nerve components. One of the Sedon and Sunderland classification of nerve injuries.
medical illustration of ManukaMed SuperLite honey enhancing treatment of skin ulcer while extracting debris to clean wound and promote healing.
medical illustration of Branches of the carotid and vertebral arteries entering base of brain distribute blood to each lobe. Variation available with porta-cath.
medical illustration of Male anatomical organs with an emphasis on the prostate gland, urethra and bladder.  Variations with injuries and pathology available.
medical illustration of Angiogenesis, growth of blood vessels feeds tumor growth in the breast.
medical illustration of Lumbar spine and sacrum with TLIF-translaminar lumbar intervertebral fusion at L5/S1.
medical illustration of Collage, Design, Information Graphics, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Stock, Web, Biotechnology, Genetics, Portraits
medical illustration of Layers of the abdominal wall closed with sutures. Shown with complication of grabbing loop of bowel, causing bowel perforation. Available with other surgical steps, including correct closure and repair of bowel
medical illustration of Anatomical relationship of the peritoneum to the cecum (beginning of colon) v. Cancer metastasis. Two in a series on how colon cancer spreads.
medical illustration of Severe retorn rotator cuff tendon, avulsion of previously repaired labrum plus scar tissue from previous surgeries.
medical illustration of Crush injury to foot resulting in fractured metatarsal bones, injured tendons and nerves
medical illustration of 25-30 week old fetus. One of a series of prenatal stages.
medical illustration of C1-2 transarticular screw fixation for treatment of headaches (occipital neuralgia) due to facet arthropathy and synovial cysts.
medical illustration of Removal of recipient's liver. Donor transplant also available.
medical illustration of Device for non-invasive precise localization of correct level of spine prior to surgery.
medical illustration of Path of clot to the brain via carotid artery and middle cerebral branch resulting in a stroke. Lesion in green shows area of brain affected.
medical illustration of Donor heart in recipient's chest partially sutured to right atrium. Third in a series of four steps in heart transplant surgery.
medical illustration of Side view: Demonstrates replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee using a tendon graft passed through the holes in the tibia and femur and secured by an Endobutton. Other steps in this surgical procedures also available.
medical illustration of Relationship of neurovascular structures to arthroscope, drill and cannulas in hip joint. Illustration with shaver also available. Part of series on operative hip arthroscopy including detailed anatomy.
medical illustration of One step in a series on surgical repair of tibial emminence fractures of the knee joint.
medical illustration of Illustration over an X-ray of the cervical spine enhancing a Hangman's fracture of C2
medical illustration of Illustration showing one in a series of 34 steps in a plastic surgery face lift procedure
medical illustration of Extraction of screws to remove plate from cervical spine
medical illustration of A summary of the types of injuries of the brachial plexus of nerves, including stretch, laceration, neuroma and scarring. A variation is available showing normal anatomy of the brachial plexus.
medical illustration of Surgery on injured extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon by debridement, cutting bone to smooth surface and suturing the torn tendon.
medical illustration of The head of the femur burst through the hip joint, breaking the acetabulum (hip socket)of the pelvis. Other pelvic fractures included the superior and inferior rami and the sacrum.
medical illustration of Suturing vaginal stump to the sacro-uterine ligament to reverse post-hysterectomy prolapse.
medical illustration of Distribution of the vagus nerve from its origin on the brainstem to innervation of the heart, lungs and gastrointestinal organs of the body.
medical illustration of First step in surgery for prolapse post-hysterectomy: exposure of vaginal stump.
medical illustration of Path of clot from carotid artery branches to brain resulting in a stroke. Green marks affected area and neurons in background suggest resulting loss of function.
medical illustration of Progression from ovulation to fertilization by sperm, multiplication of embryonic cells and implantation into uterine wall
medical illustration of 8-9 month full-term fetus in uterus showing placenta, umbilical cord, closed cervix. Other stages of embyo and fetus also available.
medical illustration of Correct v. incorrect tilt of the head in delivery of a baby with shoulder dystocia makes the difference in avoiding brachial plexus injury
medical illustration of Anatomy of the thryroid and parathyroid glands in relation to the recurrent layrngeal nerves as part of a series showing steps in partial and complete thyroidectomy.


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