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Artist Name A spinal manipulation model that elicits a ‘crack’ when the right L4-5 facets are pressed together and released quickly. A dynamic disc model to demonstrate not only the approximation of the facets with disc height loss as the neural arch bears more load but this model can also show the therapeutic benefits of facet joint gapping as in the act of manipulation

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

medical illustration of Dynamic Spine Models for Education. Looking for a realistic experience to spine modeling. Our vertebrae disc models are touted as being revolutionary by some. Come and explore our differing models.
medical illustration of Modic lumbar vertebra with the basivertebral nerve.
medical animation of A dynamic medial branch lumbar model.
medical illustration of Annular disruption model in the description of back pain.
medical animation of Accurate anatomical models that help with patient engagement and education of spine.
medical illustration of Lumbar model accurately crafted.
medical illustration of Herniated disc model showing nucleus pulposus extrusion under manual compression. Wonderful engagement tools for spine education.
medical illustration of Lumbar Model. Posterior View.
medical illustration of Orthopaedics
medical illustration of A cervical spine model with a dynamic intervetebral disc showing six degrees of freedom. Facet pain related to disc height loss can be shown quickly in a realistic way. All models are handcrafted and accurate from real human cadaveric specimens.
medical illustration of A cervical model. Patient engagement tools to help with spine education. This specific model will show the clinical finding of disc herniation and its encroachment into the spinal canal where the spinal cord lives.
medical illustration of A full cervical C1-C7 dynamic spine model. Includes the ligamentum flava as well as the intertebral discs, herniation at C6-7. Also crafted is the cruciform ligament at the upper cervical model area.
medical illustration of Upper cervical model ligaments showcased in this C1 through C7 dynamic patient education tool.

Profile Providing handcrafted realistic and dynamic spine education models. If your project is looking for beautiful spine models that are realistic size, dynamic and interactive with a dynamic nucleus and annulus, please contact us. We do custom work as well. Explore our website and check out what others are saying on the reviews tab. Taking spine education one step further!


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