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Adriana Lippy

Acute Inflammation 3D Animation 

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T Cell-Mediated Apoptosis of a Cancer Cell

Next medical illustration of This image was created for a biomedical research lab for a poster presentation. HIV affects the gut which has huge impacts on the gut/immune axis and liver. Gross structures depicted include the portal vein, liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, and mesenteric lymphnodes. Microscopic structures include portal triads in the liver, hepatocytes, and Kuppfer cells.

Portal Vein Drainage With Key Immune Structures

A 3D medical animation describing the pathological process of acute inflammation. Key steps depicted include vasodilation, leukocyte margination, endothelial contraction, leukocyte rolling, diapedesis, chemotaxis, and phagocytosis. This animation was made for the University of Dundee School of Medicine and is shown to first year medical and dental students as part of the pathology curriculum. Winner of the BCA BioImages 2016 Merit Award for Medical Education in Motion Media Division.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Education, Allergy / Immunology, Biology, Cell biology / Histology