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Tradeshow Booth Prototype Preview 3D Video 

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Next medical illustration of ZUSAMMEN® display of The Augmented Vector Coordinate System and composite of the 12 electrical leads of a standard electrocardiogram.

The Augmented Vectors of Electrocardiogram

Recruiting booth banner created for 2018 International Supercomputing Conference to align with existing resources and/or provided elements. Citation: Driscoll, M.K., Welf, E.S., Dean, K.M., Fiolka, R., Danuser, G. Cell morphological motif detector for high-resolution 3D microscopy images. bioRxiv 376608; doi: “This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed.”

Keywords: Animation, Collage, Information Graphics, 3D, Models, Education, Museum / Zoo, Technology, Biotechnology, Oncology