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Visual Phototransduction in Rod Cells 

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IUPAC Stereodescriptors

Next medical animation of Medical Animation Showreel with an absolutely mind-blowing audio facelift to the 2015 medical animation showreel. Original synths and molecular audio composed by Cyrus Shahmir.

Molecular Animation Showreel 2017

2009 3D Animation created as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. ► Sincere Thank You to the generous tutorial for public use by Thomas Suurland & Stryker: ► Music: "Cloud 11" by Mirror System. © 2009, Neil McMillan Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Art as Applied to Medicine.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Education, Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Mechanism of Action (MOA)