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Spinal Fusion Animation - Final 

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Pregnancy Demo Animation

Next medical animation of Animation by Melanie Connolly for Team IUT at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas. Visual explanation of the mechanistic problem of Intrauterine device expulsion in an immediately postpartum uterus.CMG01-S1 injury

Animation of IUD Expulsion in Postpartum Uterus

This animation was created for a Texas-based medical device company to visually explain the mechanism behind their recently patented spinal fusion device. Unlike most spinal fusion hardware, the minimally-invasive mechanism utilizes a flexible device: this results in a greater range of motion and shortened recovery time for the postoperative patient. (spine, surgery, surgical, device, vertebra, vertebral, lumbar)

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Models, Advertising / Marketing, Multimedia, Product Demonstration, Medical Devices, Orthopaedics, Mechanism of Action (MOA)

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