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Unifarco Biomedical Ceramol technology 

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Respokare Anti-pollution mask

Next medical animation of The holy grail in sequencing DNA encompasses two things: speed and accuracy. With Stratos Genomics' method, which uses reporters sandwiched between bases, extreme accuracy can be achieved, since reporter to base is a 1:1 ratio. The DNA chain, once unwound, is read through nanopores at high speed.

Stratos Genomics X-NTP technology

This animation describes the various strata within the epidermis of the skin, how it functions under normal conditions, as well as what happens when the skin barrier is disrupted. Using Unifarco Biomedical's novel therapeutic delivery method, essential lipids are re-introduced into the layers of the skin, repairing the supporting matrix as well as generating new lipid production from the lower layers.

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