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Cell Preparation for Fluorescent Microscopy 

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Cell Types of the Central Nervous System

Next medical illustration of Under normal conditions, receptor tyrosine kinase Flt-1 (teal) binds to the ligand PlGF (orange). However, in preeclampsia, soluble Flt-1 (sFlt-1, dark teal) binds PlGF and prevents it from reaching Flt-1.

These images use color and composition to highlight the difference between both conditions. 

Keywords: Lipid bilayer, cell membrane, membrane protein, growth factor, cell signalling, MoA, dimer, RTK, cell surface

Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Flt-1 binds ligand PlGF

This 3D animation still shows the effects of detergent on a fibroblast in culture (in vitro) during preparation for fluorescent labeling. The cell is first fixed with paraformaldehyde, and then the membrane is dissolved with detergent, exposing the inner structures to labels. Keywords: Cytoskeleton, cell model, organelles, actin, microtubules, filaments, cell membrane, micelles, lipid bilayer, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, vesicles, petri dish

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Video, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Biology, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Molecular Biology, Mechanism of Action (MOA)

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