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ThreeJS WebGL Heart 

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Anterior Lung Anatomy

Next medical illustration of Yoga Headstand is a line illustration depicting the position of the body and relative anatomy as it relates to lymph nodes and the flow of lymph fluid. This fitness illustration shows how core engagement and elevation can lead to correct increased lymph drainage, and potentially better immune health. This is a part of an 11 illustration series used in a certified Yoga Alliance - Yoga Teacher Training course.

Yoga Inversion - Headstand Lymph Health

Interactive 3D WebGL Heart using ThreeJS. This was apart of research to test creation and display of 3D geometry in an accessible web environment. The 3D heart was segmented from medical data and then retopologized in ZBrush before converted to OBJ file, usable in the ThreeJS WebGL format.

Keywords: 3D, Apps/Mobile, Models, Multimedia, Interactive, Research, Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology, Vascular Surgery

Autumn Kulaga