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Gerrity and Connolly of Chicago Medical Graphics

40 Weeks of Pregnancy in 30 Seconds 

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Lipoproteins, Cholesterol, and Plaque

Next medical illustration of Placement of LVAD Heartmate II (left ventricular assist device) as seen with chest xray and phantomed heart. Image is in layers so xray may be removed, and various elements highlighted. (cardiac, cardiology, pump, artificial, lvad, thoracic, surgery, xray, x-ray, xrays, x-rays)
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LVAD - Heartmate II Left Ventricular Assist Device

Animation sample of 40 weeks of fetal development. Available without side bars and in any length or size, with or without music and/or narration. fetus foetus fetal foetal pregnant pregnancy animation movie film child baby birth childbirth animated. Please see for custom and stock medical illustrations and animations.

Keywords: Animation, Apps/Mobile, Editorial, Multimedia, Web, Games, Embryology, Maternal / Child, Pediatrics, Reproductive Biology

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