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Gerrity and Connolly of Chicago Medical Graphics

Pregnancy Animation Demo 

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Pregnancy Illustrations - 40 week fetal images

Next medical illustration of Melanie Connolly of Chicago Medical Graphics built this 3D rendering of the virus that causes COVID-19. It includes numerous M surface proteins (PDB 3I6G), a few E pores (PDB 5X29) and several large trimer S spikes. A few of the S spikes show a single chain in the “open” conformation, indicating readiness to bind the ACE2 surface molecule found on human alveolar lung cells. This binding mechanism is part of what has allowed the virus to infect so readily.

SARS-CoV-2 Causes COVID-19

This animation includes snippets from some of the many films and medical illustrations I have created for pregnant mothers and their healthcare providers. For custom medical animations and illustrations, or to lease some of my existing work, please visit ( pregnant pregnancy fetus foetal baby gestation embryo embryology embryonic childbirth fetal foetus animation medical illustration )

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