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"Medical Illustration & Animation is my one and only form of mass marketing. The program allows me to focus on what I do best while insuring that my work finds its way to art buyers across the globe."



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Commercial projects & campaigns

CrossFit Cliffhangers

Single Cell Animation, llc

Single Cell Animation, llc for CrossFit Cliffhangers

© SingleCell Animation

The Scientist

Laurie O'Keefe

Laurie O'Keefe for The Scientist

© 2019


Mark Giles

Mark Giles for WHO

© Mark Giles ©2020

Law firm in Florida

Visuals For Law

Visuals For Law for Law firm in Florida

© © Visuals For Law

Medicine Today

Michele Graham

Michele Graham for Medicine Today

© Michele Graham

Jobson Healthcare

Todd Buck

Todd Buck for Jobson Healthcare

© Todd Buck Illustration LLC

Dana-Farber / Brigham And Women's Hospital

Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper for Dana-Farber / Brigham And Women's Hospital

© Michael Cooper and Michelle S. Hirsch, MD, PhD

Tongsa Global Academy (Pain Clinic)

Anatomic Groove

Anatomic Groove for Tongsa Global Academy (Pain Clinic)


Merck and Co.

Adam Questell

Adam Questell for Merck and Co.

© Adam Questell

Boehringer Ingelheim


biolution for Boehringer Ingelheim

© biolution GmbH 2019

Flora . Sweden

Lizzie Harper

Lizzie Harper for Flora . Sweden

© Flora 2019 and Lizzie Harper 1019


Veronica Hughes

Veronica Hughes for Nanoscale

© Hughes Scientific Illustration, LLC

David Sinclair, PhD

Medical Illustration Studios

Medical Illustration Studios for David Sinclair, PhD

© David Sinclair

St. Clair Hospital

Thompson Medical Illustration

Thompson Medical Illustration for St. Clair Hospital

© Molly Thompson

Patient Education Publishing

Roy Illustration

Roy Illustration for Patient Education Publishing

© Laura Roy / Roy Illustration

Genentech and Novartis

Booster Shot Media

Booster Shot Media for Genentech and Novartis

© Genentech and Novartis

St Vincent's Hospital

Patton'd Studios

Patton'd Studios for St Vincent's Hospital

© Patton'd Studios

Oncoplastic Surgeon

Jennifer Gentry

Jennifer Gentry for Oncoplastic Surgeon

© Jennifer Gentry


Alexandra Gordon

Alexandra Gordon for dotdash

© Alexandra Gordon/verywell

National Geographic Magazine

Mesa Studios

Mesa Studios for National Geographic Magazine

© National Geographic

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