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Adaptive Biotechnologies IPHD 2017 

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Adaptive Biotechnologies ImmunoSEQ Analyzer

Next medical animation of Approximately 160 million people worldwide are infected with HCV and 60-80% of those people will develop a chronic infection. Cognition created this animation to illuminate the virus’ global health impact along with depicting the complex entry portion of its lifecycle. The assets were created and animated in Cinema 4D. Compositing and animated overlays were done in Adobe After Effects.

Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle: Entry

Adaptive Biotechnologies has partnered with Nature to set up and host the annual Immune Profiling in Health and Disease conference. Cognition styled the video to highlight this event, which brings together some of the brightest minds in immune profiling to present and discuss new research and emerging trends. The assets were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and animated in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

Keywords: Animation, Video, Live Action Video, Advertising / Marketing, Professional Education, Allergy / Immunology, Biotechnology, General Medicine, Genetics, Natural Science / Nature

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