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Genetic Fitness

Next medical animation of Novuson developed the first substantive innovation in advanced energy technology for targeted vessel sealing/diving and hemostasis in over 25 years. Their UltraStat Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound (DTU) system called for an animation that showed the elegance of their device, highlighted why the system was a disruptive force in its market, and elevated the overall aesthetic look for primetime presentation to investors. The animation was developed in Cinema 4D and composited in Adobe After Effects.

Novuson UltraStat Mini Device MOA

A mile-high glacier once covered the area known as the Puget Sound Basin. During the last ice age, water flowing under the ice carved out deep troughs which became the Sound’s inlets. Our challenge was to inform waterfront homeowners how their property may be affected by the surrounding geo via an engaging, interactive fly-through highlighting the region and identifying five unique areas. The assets were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop; animated in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

Keywords: Animation, Information Graphics, Video, Education, Web, Interactive, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature