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The Importance of Phe & Tyrosine 

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How to Take Kuvan Powder

Next medical animation of A brief 3D animation of an Actonel box opening and pill settling on calendar to demonstrate the once a month dosage.  This animation from a few years ago never did too much for me. I think because it never had a soundtrack, never had a compelling story to tell.  When a music track and a tagline were added - it came to life!

Actonel Box Animation

This animation won the 2014 Rx Club Award of Excellence for Educational Animation. Created for GA Communications, it is one of several videos demonstrating the mechanism of action (MOA) and patient education information for Kuvan, a treatment for lowering blood Phe levels for those afflicted with PKU (phenylketonuria).

Keywords: Animation, Advertising / Marketing, Education, Multimedia, Patient Education, Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Disease Management, Endocrinology / Metabolic, General Medicine, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience

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