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Cynthia S. Gordon

Respiration - Breathing 

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Inhalation and Dispersion of Virus

Next medical animation of This brief animation shows the proper use of an asthma inhaler with a separate spacer. With proper positioning, the spacer holds the medication after it’s released from the canister, enabling the patient to inhale the full dose with greater ease.

Use of an Asthma Inhaler - Animation

This animation is part of a longer video sequence being used in an online educational tutorial by the client, Rosetta Stone. Animation shows the process of respiration. Details shown include the process of gas exchange through the capillaries in the alveoli. Oxygenated blood passes through the pulmonary veins to the heart, and then out to the body. Deoxygenated blood is carried by the pulmonary arteries from the heart to the lungs, where exhalation removes the carbon dioxide.

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