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Cynthia S. Gordon

Breast Reconstructive Surgery 

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Stages of Pregnancy

Next medical animation of This animation is part of a longer video sequence being used in an online educational tutorial by the client, Rosetta Stone. Animation shows the female reproductive organs and the process of ovulation and fertilization, as an egg is released from an ovary, fertilized in a Fallopian tube, and implanted in the uterus.

Ovulation and Fertilization

Animation is a portion of a longer sequence showing new cosmetic surgical techniques for breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery. Details are shown for one possible tumor location, including the pre-operative marking of the patient, the removal of the tumor, the excision of breast tissue and fat, and the preservation and relocation of the nipple and areola to achieve the desired result. The client was a plastic surgeon who specializes in oncoplastic breast reconstruction.

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