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Cynthia S. Gordon

Cell Mitosis - Animation 

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Poster: “Nourishment Essential for Health"

Next medical animation of This animation is part of a set of educational videos geared toward children with cancer. The videos explain what cancer is and how it’s treated, with a particular emphasis on radiation treatment. Molded to an individual patient’s head, a face mask may be prepared for a cancer patient to keep his/her head still during radiation treatment.

Face Mask for Radiation Therapy - Animation

This animation shows the process of cell mitosis. The various stages of cell division are shown, beginning with normal interphase, and passing through early and late prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, until the resultant two new daughter cells are formed. Two identical sets of chromosomes end up in each of these cells, along with equal amounts of cytoplasm and other organelles.

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