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AXS Studio Scientific Animation Show Reel 2018 

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AXS Studio Medical Device Animation Show Reel 2018

Next medical animation of Our challenge for this oncology animation was to present the proteasome as both a vital tool for healthy cells, and a key weapon of survival for cancer cells. We based the structure of our proteasome and its function on data from peer reviewed literature. A warm palette and bright lighting underscore the idea that the proteasome is not a sinister force, but rather an innocuous player in a noxious process.

The Role of the Proteasome in Multiple Myeloma

Beautiful and accurate 3D scientific animation and visual effects for science documentaries, films, science education and museum exhibits. We’re artists who love science. We bring a rare blend of artistry, technical skill and scientific knowledge to animations that are as accurate as they are beautiful to watch. We have extensive experience visualizing medical and biological subjects, including genetics, neuroscience, disease processes, microbiology and nanobiology.

Keywords: Animation, Information Graphics, 3D, Education, Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Natural Science / Nature

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