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Scientific Animation for ReGenesis 

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Downside of High

Next medical animation of Commissioned for outreach & education, this animation details 21 days of chicken embryo development and adheres to the Australian national science curriculum: life cycles & comparative embryology. Informed by detailed research, 7 3D models were created to represent the chick at key stages of growth. This animation has been used widely in classrooms—a primary goal of the project. 7,600,000+ YouTube views.

Chicken Embryo Development

Dr. David Sandström and his team of top scientists at NorBAC investigate questionable advantages in biotechnology. AXS Studio created the signature CGI moments for this innovative TV drama that enabled the audience to see and think like a scientist. We called on our biology expertise to visualize complex, and often abstract, scientific concepts described in the actors’ dialogue.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Virology

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