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Chicken Embryo Development 

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Scientific Animation for ReGenesis

Next medical animation of Beautiful and accurate 3D medical animation, interactive apps and illustration by long-standing medical visualization experts AXS Studio. Our 2018 General Showreel showcases a cross-section of our work and presents our unique offering to life science companies. Our in-house medical science knowledge and digital media expertise enable use to create educational and entertaining experiences for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. Contact us to get started.

AXS Studio General Show Reel 2018

Commissioned for outreach & education, this animation details 21 days of chicken embryo development and adheres to the Australian national science curriculum: life cycles & comparative embryology. Informed by detailed research, 7 3D models were created to represent the chick at key stages of growth. This animation has been used widely in classrooms—a primary goal of the project. 7,600,000+ YouTube views.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Editorial, Education, Biology, Embryology, Natural Science / Nature, Zoology

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