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Meralgia Paresthetica

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Meralgia Paresthetica is a condition caused by the compression of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve. Causing pain and numbness in the thigh region of the le

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medical animation of COVID-19, a cinematic representation of the virus.  

With labeling of the prominent proteins associated with the virion.
medical illustration of A depiction of the Coronavirus from a series of images used to help explain how a typical virus works within the body
medical illustration of Some viruses enter the cytoplasm and are carried down by the way of vesicles.
medical illustration of a virion particle will fuse with the membrane of a cell in some cases.  This process releases the viral code into the host cell.
medical illustration of HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus destroys the T cells of the immune system, eventually leading to AIDS.
medical illustration of Ballerinas are extremely fascinating. They carry all of their weight on the tips of their feet and it’s said that every time they jump, the big toe absorbs around three times their body weight.
We were asked to show the anatomy inside the shoe. Here’s a glimpse of what the bone structure looks like at these extreme angles.
medical animation of Here's an animation we did showing the mobility of the shoulder blade in a Push Press motion.  The serratus muscle is responsible for stabilizing the scapula by pulling the bone towards the rib cage.
medical animation of This animation compares the size of a salt grain to a T-Cell, Bacteria, and a Virus.
medical animation of An Osteoclast is a bone cell that helps maintain, repair, and remodel the bone tissue. They breakdown and reabsorb the bone... followed by an Osteoblast, which build the bone back up.
medical animation of An animation showing the moving parts of the Respiratory System.  

The Lungs are different from one another.  The right consists of three lobes, Superior, Middle, and Inferior, while the left only has two, the Superior and Inferior.

The Lungs are encased by the Pleura, a membrane surface that  lubricates the lungs movement while we breath.
medical animation of A time lapse of Melanoma growing over 3 months.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer and can metastases (spread) to other parts of the body - usually effecting the organs, like the Brain, Liver, Lungs, and even your Bones.
medical animation of Bringin it back to the 80's with this one ya'll. Drug Awareness in a creative way!!
medical illustration of A human egg being swarmed by sperm.
medical illustration of An Embryo at around 8 weeks.
medical illustration of  The capillaries is where oxygen, nutrients, and wastes are exchanged between the blood and the different tissue. within the body.
medical illustration of A chronic inflammatory disorder affecting many joints, including those in the hands and feet.
medical illustration of Here's is another beautiful image from an animation we're doing on Meralgia Paresthetica, for Healing Hands of Nebraska.
It's a condition caused by the compression of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve. Causing pain and numbness in the thigh region of the leg.
medical illustration of Showing plaque buildup within the Artery wall.
medical animation of An animation of an 8 week embryo inside the womb.
medical illustration of Atherosclerosis Visual Aid - Showing the problem areas of the disease.
medical animation of It takes approximately 1 minute for the heart to circulate 4-5 quarts of blood around the body - back to the heart.
medical illustration of Prescription drugs are made to cure, treat, and prevent disease in many interesting ways. 

Most medicines today are artificially produced by scientific study and testing. Scientists can isolate all the useful chemicals from plants and animals and over time produce a drug targeted to a particular ailment.
medical illustration of Melanoma is a skin cancer developing within the melanocytes (pigment cells). This form of skin cancer may spread to other parts of the body (metastasize), potentially causing a serious illness or death. 

What is cancer?
It’s a group of abnormal cells dividing uncontrollably, eventually becoming a tumor.
medical illustration of The human body is made up of 11 organ systems, each doing a specific job.
medical illustration of Some fun experimenting with metal textures and realistic lighting.
medical illustration of These are Kinesin (a motor protein), and we are watching them walk along tracks (Microtubule) inside the cell. Their job is to tug along sacks (vesicles) filled with materials to be excreted from the cell. 
In this case, they are simply walking all the cell’s waste to the membrane, where it’s discarded outside of the cell.
medical illustration of upon entering the egg, the outer shell seals up, the head of the sperm unites with the nucleus of the egg, and within days.. A single cell will multiply, and keep multiplying to eventually form an embryo.
medical illustration of A Macrophage is part of the immune system. 

They patrol around the body, entering affected areas, engulfing and destroying bacteria and other pathogens.

They also act as a janitor, cleaning up dead cells and other debris around the body, keeping it clean and healthy.
medical illustration of red blood cells carry and deliver packages of oxygen to all the organs throughout the body. 

Red blood cells are made in the bone marrow and circulate the body for around 4 months before dying, and it's the iron in the blood mixing with the oxygen that’s gives it the red color.
medical illustration of As the main part of the Central Nervous System, the brain takes information from the Sensory Neurons (like the nerves in finger tips) and relays it to Motor Neurons (muscles). 

It’s our cerebral cortex that separates us from other mammals, giving us language, thought, memory, awareness, perception…
medical illustration of T cells are part of the immune system.  They help by tagging pathogens and warn of an attack on the body.
medical illustration of Sensory neurons for example, deal with touch and pain. They can be paired with a motor neurons, which get the muscles going… 
and the Interneurons pretty much act as a router between the different neurons.
medical illustration of Red Blood cells live for around 120 days and are produced in the marrow of the bones.  They contain Hemoglobin, a protein that stores the oxygen for the body to survive.
medical illustration of The cell surface is a membrane layer that protects the cell from the outside elements.
medical illustration of The vertebrae interlock in a flexible way that protects the spinal cord while preserving the ability to bend and twist. 
The human spinal column is made up of 33 bones
• 7 vertebrae in the cervical region,
• 12 in the thoracic region,
• 5 in the lumbar region,
• 5 in the sacral region and
• 4 in the coccygeal region
medical illustration of An ulcer can form in the small intestine and could be caused by your diet. 
They can lead to breaks in the lining of your stomach potentially leading to other problems.
medical illustration of The basic function is to protect the cell from it's surroundings.
medical illustration of Bacteria come in many different shapes and sizes, but three basic shapes are spherical, rod and spiral. 
These are H. pylori and swim using flagella, propeller like appendages. After they enter your body, they settle comfortably in your Digestive Track. Over time they can cause ulcers in the lining of your stomach. 
Common ways this bacteria spreads is from are water and food, along with poor sewage systems
medical illustration of A stem cell can essentially be programmed to become any cell in the body. 

This is a Single Cell out of trillions that make up the body, and each cell is made from many different parts called organelles. 

They’re like organs for the cell, and help convert nutrients from what you eat and drink into energy, and some cells divide to help replenish the older, unhealthier, dying cells
medical illustration of DNA carrying genetic information starts wrapping around protein molecules called histones found in the nucleus. 

They continue to coil around and around eventually forming chromosomes.
It’s a process that combines mom and dad genes together. 

Without packaging, the DNA strands would be too long to fit inside cells
medical illustration of The main function of the kidneys are to filter and remove waste products from the body.


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