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medical animation of Video demonstrating the mechanism of action of a Targeted Alpha Therapeutic (TAT) to treat cancer. Fusion uses medical isotopes and its proprietary Fast-Clear(TM) Linker Technology to make TATs. Fusion's lead asset (FPI-1434) is an investigational drug, currently undergoing clinical testing for various tumor types. Anti-tumor mechanism and efficacy have been demonstrated in non-clinical experiments only.
Posted with permission from Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc
medical illustration of Germ cells undergoing apoptosis. This image was selected as a cover for Nature journal - Nature, December 2016, Vol. 540(7631)
medical illustration of The cultivated garden strawberry emerged as a hybrid between two wild octoploid species in the gardens of Versailles approximately 250 years ago. Analysis of its assembled genome provides new insights into the origin and evolutionary processes that shaped this complex allopolyploid.
medical illustration of This image was featured on the cover of Nature (August 17, 2017, Volume 548 Number 7667)
The  image shows a conceptualized view of an individual with multiple cancers that have spread from their primary site, or metastasized. The primary cancers represented include prostate cancer (blue), breast cancer (pink), lung cancer (green) and colon cancer (orange
medical illustration of CRISPR/Cas9 - Targeted Genome Editing
medical illustration of Membrane protein
medical illustration of DNA nucleosome
medical illustration of Antimicrobial peptides (the pink ribbons in this illustration), which are part of the innate immune system in all domains of life, can destroy microbes (blue and green) and also call white blood cells (the marbled white and red balls) to help fight an infection.
medical illustration of Egg fertilization by the sperm
medical illustration of Human respiratory syncytial virus causes respiratory infections. It is the main cause of the lower tract respiratory infections among children. Unfortunately, so far no antiviral therapy is available against this virus. Single strand RNA molecule (yellow curve) encodes the viral genome. Two speckled yellow spheres flanking the RNA curve represent large polymerase (L) proteins. Nucleoproteins (small blue-purple beads) bind the genomic RNA.
medical animation of Neuron Signalling
medical illustration of Hemoglobin protein
medical illustration of Bacteriophage
medical illustration of Fat cells in 3D
medical illustration of This image appeared on the cover of Nature Medicine (August 2017 issue) 

Post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus can cause severe brain damages in both children and adults. Bleeding in brain causes inflammation, overproduction of cerebrospinal fluid, intracranial pressure increase and, altogether, hydrocephalus.
medical illustration of Budding yeast
medical illustration of Cancer visualization in mouse. Two molecules on the left - Hexafluorobenzene(HFB) and (c(RGDfk)-SH) - are used to make the molecule FRGD-TFB-RGD (right). This molecule has integrin receptor specific binding, accumulates in the tumour and then is used for tumour imaging.
medical illustration of Neuronal columns in zebrafish are structures found in optic tectum. Neurons are organized between synaptic neuropil (bottom left corner) and peripheral midbrain layer (upper right corner). Neurons arborize in areas immediately adjacent to the column. These structures facilitate neuronal processes.
medical illustration of Rice weevil
medical illustration of Larder Beetle
medical illustration of Indian Meal Moth


We are a team of scientists with PhD's from top USA universities and professional graphic designers. We combine PhD level scientific knowledge with professional arts design to produce eye-catching scientific images and animations. In 2016 our illustrations were featured on covers of ~200 Scientific Journals including 15 covers in Nature and Science magazines.


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