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Dr. Sindhura Anamali

Radiograph Comparison

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One of a series of comparison illustrations to help dental students learn how to read and understand radiographs during their pathology rotation. Education, Professional Education, Dental Education

©Assata C Worrell

LEGACY BioStudios, LLC

medical animation of Animation of red blood cells flowing through a vein.

Created in Cinema 4D.
medical illustration of One of a series of pantomographs and periapicals to help educate dental students during their pathology education.

Created in Adobe Illustrator

Reference radiographs provided by Dr. Sindhura Anamali of the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.
medical illustration of Black and white illustration of a dire wolf redius.

The specimen was found in Iowa by an amateur paleontologist.  Iowa State University wanted documentation illustrations for archiving. 

I was lucky enough to access the specimen for reference and I created the illustration with Procreate. I created the final layout in Adobe InDesign.
medical illustration of An illustration depicting the first Ichthyosaur skull found by Joseph and Mary Anning on the cliffs of Lyme Regis.
Illustration includes the skeletal anatomy as well as an imagined image of skin color, species shape, and environment.
Programs used: Procreate and Adobe Sketch.
Paleontology, paleoart, recreation, species recreation.
medical animation of Animation showing proper immunization methods for newborns.  Created for new mothers in Nigeria.  The language is Yoruba.

2D illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and the animation was created in Adobe After Effects.  Voice over was edited in Adobe Audition.

Health Literacy, Africa, education, digital campaign, clinic campaign, animations, voiceover
medical animation of Process animation for Viewpoint MT.

Illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and the animation was created in Adobe After Effects. 

Branding, marketing, animations, concept, animation, 2D animation, cell, medicine, cancer.
medical illustration of Anatomy of the skull with African American model.    

This illustration is part of a series and is a digital-traditional hybrid.  The skull and face are drawn with graphite and is painted in Adobe Photoshop.  

Face, skull, anatomy, dental anatomy, dentistry, photoshop, graphite, education, health, health literacy, diversity, user experience, ux.
medical illustration of Illustration of how to insert the long brush into the endoscope to remove debris after use.  Part of series.

Illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator.  I formatted the manual these illustrations were created for in Adobe InDesign.

User Experience, UX, UI, user manual, manual, guide, instructions, instruction
medical illustration of Displaying the new Cyboscope app to share microscope views.

Technology, tech, medical, product, development, branding, marketing,
medical illustration of GIF created for a marking and education blast on World Prematurity Day.

2D illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and the GIF was created in Adobe Photoshop.  

Health Literacy, awareness, advocacy, digital marking, digital campaign, GIF, gif, marketing.
medical animation of A 2D animation of the function of a sodium-potassium pump illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Animation, physiology, cell, biology, microbiology, 2D
medical illustration of Illustration depicting a healthy tooth vs. a tooth with plaque, a receding gumline, bone breakdown, and tooth decay.

Informational, patient information, education, dental health, oral health, tooth health, caries, cavity, gum disease.
medical illustration of Illustration displaying an alternative to surface tendon attachment.  Created for Syntorr. A part of a series.

Created for a business competition.

Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.

Presentation, product concept, product awareness, marketing,
medical illustration of A depiction of the Surgical Dissection Instruments created by Dr. Matthew Howard.

medical device, surgical, journal, abstract, product, development.
medical illustration of Illustration of clubfoot surgery prior to the innovation of the Ponseti Method.

Graphite and digital painting in Adobe Photoshop.

Surgical, book, publish, foot, anatomy, education, history, medical history.
medical animation of Animation showing a distillation process used by VerdiLife, LLC.

2D illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and the animation was created in Adobe After Effects.  Original has a voice over that was edited in Adobe Audition.

A mechanical process, engineering, concept animation, branding, marketing, startup, start-up, competition
medical illustration of This illustration of a bison skull is part of a collection for a morphology study and information page.  This page is focusing on bones that can be used to identify species and age of ancient bison.

This illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator using lines and stippling to create a black and white drawing.

Paleoart, scientific, Adobe Illustrator, morphology, study, comparison, anatomy, skeleton, skeletal anatomy, research
medical illustration of Digital painting depicting a snail button.  Used for identification purposes.  Part of a series

Traditional-Digital hybrid illustration.  Created with a graphite base and digital coloring.

animal biology, gastropod, education, university, guide, manual, field manual, school, student.
medical illustration of Illustration of the Honduras Spikethumb Frog (Plectrohyla dasypus) that is currently dying due to chytridiomycosis.  Chytridiomycosis is caused by a fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.  

#HARCC, conservation, campaign, marketing, media, digital, Adobe Photoshop, digital painting, Adobe Illustrator.
medical illustration of Create to display bone available for purchase.

Fossils, fossil, paleoart, paleontology, animal anatomy, skeleton, skeletal biology
medical illustration of Logo created for an environmental engineer.

logo, design, banding, brand marketing, business, business development


Assata Caldwell Worrell is the Founder of LEGACY BioStudios, LLC where she creates beautiful and informative illustrations and animations to help communicate innovative and complicated concepts. She likes working with clients that are interested in innovative technologies, procedures, and discoveries in both medicine and science. Assata graduated from Iowa State University where she had vigorous course work in human anatomy, microbiology, genetics; and both extinct and extant animal anatomy. Assata has also had education and field experience in plant anatomy and uses. She enjoys creating traditional-digital hybrid pieces and working in both 2D and 3D renders and animations. She has worked both independently, as well as within collaborations with inventors, surgeons, researchers, and UX/UI designers. LEGACY BioStudios, LLC is here to help you illustrate your legacy.


Animation, Black & White, Cartoon, Color, Information Graphics, Line, Line with Color, 3D, Voiceovers/Narration


Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Dentistry, Disease Management, General Medicine, Maternal / Child, Medical Devices, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Reconstructive Surgery, Zoology, Oncology, Mechanism of Action (MOA), Health & Wellness