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Sphincter Pharyngoplasty

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Illustrations of the basic steps of an expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty. This surgery is used to narrow the pharyngeal area in children with clefts and too large velo-pharyngeal ports.

Katelyn McDonald, CMI

Katelyn McDonald, CMI

medical illustration of Resection of part of the superior lobe of the parotid gland.
medical illustration of This illustration is part of a museum exhibit about pangolins. The exhibit focused mainly on the poaching of pangolins, but wanted to dedicate a section to the interesting anatomical features of the group. The illustration was used to highlight both the internal and external unique aspects of the pangolin.
medical illustration of This illustration is intended for use in an otolaryngologist’s office to instruct patients on the muscles that control the shape of the Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes’ ability to equalize air pressure in the middle ears is often confusing to patients. This anterior view of the the open mouth’s connection to the Eustachian tubes and middle ear is not commonly illustrated.
medical illustration of Illustration of the skull base and inferior side of the brain to show the pathway of the cranial nerves and tracts.
medical illustration of Medial Foot Anatomy
medical illustration of This digital painting depicts the wood frog, a frog across North America that can tolerate the freezing of their tissues during the winter.
medical illustration of Graphite lateral view of skull with cut away showing dentition.
medical illustration of Sea turtle receiving fluids during rehabilitation after being cold stunned.
medical illustration of Traditional line illustrated of a spinal decompression and fusion of L4. Showing a lateral anatomical view with transparencies showing rod and pedicle screw placement. The patient’s congenital fusion of the sacrum to L5 is visible.
medical illustration of Illustrations of the basic steps of an expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty. This surgery is used to narrow the pharyngeal area in children with clefts and too large velo-pharyngeal ports.
medical illustration of Traditional watercolor illustration of the posterior view of the rotator cuff muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor. This illustration was used in a research paper showing a punch biopsy of the infraspinatus tendon.


Katelyn McDonald is an award winning, Board Certified Medical Illustrator and a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. She enjoys tackling new projects of any size and collaborating closely with medical and scientific professionals to make their ideas for projects and illustrations in biology and medicine come to life. She has worked with Harvard University’s Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of Iowa’s Museum of Natural History on multiple museum exhibits, the National Aquarium’s Marine Animal Rescue Program (MARP), University of Iowa’s Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Austin Radiological Association, and many medical practitioners on their patient education material. Katelyn graduated summa cum laude from Iowa State University with a degree in Biological and Pre Medical illustration and a minor in Biology. She received a Masters in Biological and Medical Illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with her thesis project being an interactive educational website developed for MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. She now lives in Muscatine, Iowa.


Black & White, Color, Line


Anatomy, Biology, Dentistry, Endocrinology / Metabolic, General Medicine, General Surgery, Maternal / Child, Medical Devices, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy, Respiratory, Zoology, Oncology, Health & Wellness, Plastic Surgery, Sports Medicine