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Psoriasis and Eczema Explainer Animation

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I produced this project from concept to completion, including all illustrations, design, animation, and original music.

Mark Giles ©2020
medical animation of HIV drug trial in Africa
medical animation of An explainer animated video describing the condition and treatment of psoriasis and eczema.
medical animation of An explainer video describing the fast-growing cannabis industry in the US.
medical animation of This was originally a highly interactive presentation built in Flash for the Work Health Organization in 2006.
medical illustration of A poster about Portuguese flora and fauna, produced for a Portuguese Ecology Company
medical illustration of Still illustration from an animated sequence showing blood cells in a capillary.
medical illustration of I produced a series of lifecyle information graphics for the CDC.
medical illustration of An illustration produced for a medical company in St. Louis. 2008
medical illustration of A cross section of skin, produced for the Atlanta Journal & Consititution Newspapers.
medical illustration of Jumpin spider illustrated for the WHO.
medical illustration of An illustration of the solar system
medical illustration of A pen and ink illustration of a red fox. Coloured in Photoshop.
medical illustration of Graphic tech Icons produced for Shure locks
medical illustration of Ant drawn in vector software.
medical illustration of A sunfish illustrated for a project for the University of Missouri in Rolla.
medical illustration of A large poster illustration of the ecology of a river in West Virginia. Produced for the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources in 2006.
medical illustration of I produced this for a legal environmental organization in Portland, Oregon


I am an art director and 2D animator specializing in explainer videos about science, medicine & technology, in almost any kind of style. As a commercial artist and illustrator for over thirty years, I draw all original art. This sets me apart significantly since the majority of animated explainer videos on the internet are generated from libraries of syndicated clip art. Currently, I have been producing explainer videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, web design, 2D character animations for companies across the planet, from Australia to Zambia. For over thirty years as an illustrator, I have been working in the advertising, design and journalism fields. For thirty years I've been on the Mac, and for the last twenty years, I have specialized in 2D animated web presentations, especially for commercial companies, conservation organizations and the medical field. Clients have included WHO, UN, UNICEF, Microbicide Trials Network, US Soybean Board, Nike, Columbia, USDAF, Rolls Royce, Saab, Coca Cola, State DNRs, British Airways, Boeing, among many other brands, both famous and obscure. My rates are based on a minimum of $1000 per minute of completed animation, including music, sound effects, voice-over, and final HD ready video. Please visit my website at for a wide variety of subjects and styles to browse. I work in Adobe After Effects, Animate, Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, and Dragonframe. I am a Grammy-nominated musician (2008), and I drew the Coke bottle in the digital version of the Coca-Cola logo (1992). I have won many awards for information graphics and illustration, particularly while working for five years at the Atlanta Journal and Constitution during the Olympic Games era. I have also worked for every major advertising agency in the US and have been published in every major newspaper. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Many thanks for your time. Email me at, Text, or call 503 969 6648


Animation, Airbrush, Color, Design, Caricature, Information Graphics, Line with Color, Apps/Mobile, Microscopy


Allergy / Immunology, Alternative Medicine, Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Cardiac Surgery / Cardiology, Cell biology / Histology, Dermatology, Disease Management, Endocrinology / Metabolic, Entomology, General Medicine, Maternal / Child, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Reproductive Biology, Respiratory, Transplantation Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Virology, Zoology, Health & Wellness, Hemophilia