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medical illustration of Cutaway of human abdomen showing retroperitoneal space and organs, for surgical approach

(cross-section, intestines, renal, respiratory, abdomen, surgery, disease, spinal, accurate, medical, illustration, aorta, internal)
medical illustration of Xray overlay showing ankle plate and implants and surgical reconstruction of ankle fracture for courtroom presentation

(law, malpractice, case, orthopedic, orthopaedic, foot, surgery, tool, medical, illustration, skin, bone, spreader)
medical illustration of edentulous, jaw, maxilla, mandible, dental, dentistry, reconstruction, implant, skull, surgery, gums, zygoma, sinus
medical illustration of zones, sinus wall, zygoma, dental, dentristry, reconstruction, teeth, tooth, arch, denture, implant
medical illustration of dental, dentristry, oral surgery, arch, anterior, teeth, tooth, resorption, resorbed
medical illustration of teeth, tooth, prosthesis, tissue, arch, dental, reconstruction, mouth
medical illustration of orthopaedic, orthopedic, spine, surgery, screw, compress, tool, bar, lumbar, preference, pedicle
medical illustration of tooth, teeth, abutment, jaw, mouth, straight, angle, tissue, bone, cutaway, reconstruction, dental, surgery, screw
medical illustration of Dental, nerve, bone, reconstruction, pre-molar, pulp, tissue, cutaway, implant,
medical illustration of VRT technology to heal macular degeneration

novavision, vision, eye, brain, cerebellum, cerebrum, cross-section, cutaway, optic, nerve, stroke
medical illustration of Dental reconstructive surgery showing lip drape with recessed jaw and implants

denture, prothesis, teeth, tooth, implant, jaw, gums, face, mandible, maxilla, arch
medical illustration of Human facial anatomy for diagnostic lab purposes

muscles, face, person, eyes, nose, expression, ears, lips, botox, plastic surgery
medical illustration of Edentulous jaw showing denture and implant placement for dentist and patient education

(dental, surgery, denture, screw, mandible, tooth, teeth, gums, medical, illustration)
medical illustration of Facet fixation implant detail
medical illustration of Tooth replacement implant options for ASIRD patient education

(dental, surgery, denture, screw, mandible, tooth, teeth, gums, medical, illustration, crown, jaw, prothesis)
medical illustration of Denture removal tool for product technique manual 

(surgery, denture, screw, mandible, tooth, teeth, gums, medical, illustration, crown, jaw, prothesis, finger, tool, locator, wire, mouth, tongue, patient, dentist)
medical illustration of Vertebral anatomy for surgical approach education
medical illustration of Dental implant and crown procedure

(surgery, denture, screw, maxilla, tooth, teeth, gums, medical, illustration, crown, jaw, prothesis, finger, tool, locator, wire, mouth, tongue, patient, dentist, brush, abutment)
medical illustration of Vertebral implant positioning
medical illustration of Anatomy of lumbar spinal column with nerves
medical illustration of Surgical manual for anterior cervical plate installation
medical illustration of Maxilla and mandible anatomy showing denture and implants

(surgery, denture, screw, tooth, teeth, gums, medical, illustration, crown, jaw, prothesis, mouth, patient, dentist, abutment, implant, cross-section)
medical illustration of Illustrations for dental technique guide for aesthetic and permanent cementation product
medical illustration of Facial degeneration for patient education on dental reconstruction
medical illustration of Cross-section of abdomen showing muscle and nerves
medical illustration of Human abdomen cross-section showing anatomy of organs relative to the spine, for use in marketing and patient education
medical illustration of Anterior cervical plate on xray for courtroom presentation
medical illustration of Retinal goggles and implant to restore sight and combat blindness (Stanford University)
medical illustration of Knee fracture reconstruction (plate and implants) for courtroom presentation
medical illustration of Inflation device and prothesis booster for Zest Dental's Locator F-Tx prothesis removal system.

tool, technical, inflator, reconstruction, reconstructive, denture, surgery, implant, handle, lever, connector, gauge, assembly, preparation
medical illustration of Pen and ink style of the human glenoid fossa

orthopedic, bone, ligament, muscle, medical, journal
medical illustration of Comparison of early and modern human anatomy to determine development of speech


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