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Camron Brewer

medical illustration of Title slide of a Medical devices e-learning course built in Articulate Storyline 360.
medical illustration of This image shows the learning objectives of an e-learning course. In this case, we show an example of a medical devices course but, it could be about any topic.
medical illustration of A course section where the patient or the medical staff can learn how to monitor their or the patient's stress levels easily.
medical illustration of This image shows an example of a healthcare virtual course. In this case, we provide an example of a Medical devices course. In this slide, we show the importance of sterilizing the medical equipment. This course will be ideal for a hospital employees onboarding.
medical illustration of Interactive activity, part of an e-learning course, where a tour to a hospital room is given. In this activity, the learner should click on the + icon to learn about each part of the room equipment.
medical illustration of After giving the instructions, this image shows how the interactive activity works when the learner clicks on the + icon. A square with the image of the item selected and its definition appears.
medical illustration of An example of a slide that introduces to a course quiz.
medical illustration of This image shows an example of an introduction slide to a Cardiology Diagnosis course. This is a sample. Key learning can build courses about any subject.
medical illustration of An example of one section of an online course where the student learns about the parts of the heart. In this case, it shows the definition of the aorta.
medical illustration of This is an image that shows an interactive activity where the user, after learning about it, has to place the chest leads / electrodes in the right place of the patient body. This is a knowledge assessment.
medical illustration of Cover of an interactive instrucional guide about Covid-19 molecular diagnosis laboratory.


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